New roof shingles aren't laying flat or appear buckled

We just had a new roof installed this week and we are concerned because several of the shingles do not lay flat or appear buckled. The night before the roof was installed, we got 2 inches of rain so the roof and all of the roofing materials (which were stored outside) were wet when they started working on the roof at 7 am that morning. I’ve read that buckling can be caused by problems with the underlayment or movement of the deck due to moisture which has me concerned since the roof and roofing materials were wet when they started on the roof that morning. If the decking and/or synthetic underlayment were damp when the shingles were installed, could this have caused some of the shingles to buckle? Do these shingles just need to be nailed down better or do they need to replace the underlayment and shingles in that area of the roof or do any repairs to the decking? I’ve read that buckled shingles can decrease the longevity of the roof so I want to make sure this is taken care of appropriately before we pay the roofing company. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We need pics please.
Please start out with your most convincing evidence.
If i understand correctly,
You will only be able to post one pic at first
Until we respond.
The best picture is taken with the sun behind your back.
It will be like xray vision.
We will see everything.

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Synthetic underlayment does not wrinkle when it gets wet which is one of the main reasons it took the place of felt. Those shingles look like they got jammed together. Bottom left circle you can clearly see the shingle riding up on the course next to it. Not sure what is causing the consistent hump up the valley.

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A nail or other debris is making the hump under those two circled areas.
Easily remedied.

You also need to allow time for the shingles to lay flat. No asphalt shingle lays perfectly flat when it is first installed. It needs to relax which can take a week to a couple months depending on the weather. Without seeing pics Im not sure if thats the issue but its definitely not the synthetic felt because it cant absorb moisture like felt paper. The only way that is possible is if they did not remove the old felt and just went over it.