New roof - shingles not laying flat

My roof was installed two days ago. BBB accredited, no complaints, good reviews. I feel sick. Is this normal work? Some pieces are somewhat lifted. It was installed on a cloudy, muggy day. If that even makes a difference

Wow. $3 a foot ridge, running a direction that gives you no visual satisfaction. That’s a first for me.

I didn’t understand anything you just said. I should be pleased or I shouldn’t ?

He’s saying that he would have ran the ridge caps starting from the other direction. It’s often debated so I would t get too worked up about it.

Have you had any hot days since the roof was installed. It’s common for homeowners to ask this question after a new install. Shingles often come out of the package wavy and need sun to flatten them out. I suspect the majority of those waves would disappear once you have a good hot day.

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Ah I see. Well it’s about 97 today with the humidity. But it’s been on and off rain all week. It’s going to be 80 and sunny this weekend. No real sun all week this week.

As islandroofing said, it will lay flatter as the hot days have a chance to melt it down.

A few places on the bottom could be made to look better.
Where nails underneath are not totally flush or some other small roofing debris

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Did an awesome job trimming the drip edge …