New Roof- These bubbles normal?

Hi - we just had our house and garage roofs redone (Firestone 15+yr warranty). Thought we were getting quality guys, quality materials. But are seeing this bubbling on garage roof. Roofer says normal off gassing, allow it to settle a cycle. True? Advice? Many many thanks.

Looks like a modified bit roof…is that true?

I can’t make it out from this pic, something looks out of place

roof should have no ripples or bubbles.

Thanks for the responses. Very helpful - if disappointing since roofer is saying its off gassing and to wait "a cycle"
Any tips on how to deal with that (inspector, contact Firestone etc)? Warranty on work and materials won’t run out any time soon, but if bubbling signals an underlying problem, I would like it fixed asap

You may be up a creek… The only Firestone warranties that get inspected by a Firestone inspector are their ‘Red Shield’ warranties, which is their nomenclature for the industry standard No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty which would cover Labor, Material, and in this case most importantly- Workmanship…

What I’m getting at here, is that you probably don’t have a valid Firestone Red Shield Warranty, since Firestone specifically does not issue them on Residential / Non-commercial properties. You probably have a standard genetic Firestone Material Warranty. I hope I’m wrong, and good luck if I’m right. Being an ex-Firestone guy I can tell you my experiences were rarely pro-homeowner. Commercial property owner, that’s a different story. For what it’s worth, there is literally a check box on the old Firestone inspection form (used to be called an RFW) that specifically asks: Blistering? Yes or no.

So, back to your initial question- yes, you have a problem. There are 3 ways to install a modified roof, and none of them result in ‘off gassing’. 1, the roof is torch applied. Blistering here would most likely be an indication of improper torching / poor adhesion. 2, the roof is mopped in hot asphalt. Blistering here would most likely be the result of aspalt not at the proper temp being used, i.e. ‘Cold mopped’, which also results in poor adhesion. 3, the roof is installed in a cold adhesive mastic. Here the blistering would be the result of too much or too little adhesive being applied. The other thing that commonly causes blistering is roofing over a wet substrate- was this a recover over your old roof? Was your old roof wet?

Depending on what is causing the blistering determines the best way to repair the roof, but most logical would be to remove this and start from a dry clean substrate.

Best of luck.

Regardless of how you look at it, you have a gnarly blistered roof. Blisters are areas where the plys are not mated together = not good.

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Seems like there are issue with your roof. Try to have it check.

That sums it up!

Here in my area we are creating a local resource of people that can be trusted to do the job correctly the first time.
It has only been going a couple of months now but so far the results have been fantastic for local homeowners seeking professionals… Real professionals!


If it’s an elastomeric over a mod bit, then I don’t believe there would be more then a 5 year warranty in place. Firestone PC-100 acrylic coating doesn’t really even qualify for a warranty…

Elastomeric definitely wouldn’t cause blistering. I think it’s just a bad roofing job using Firestone’s ultra white (or whatever they’re calling it now) granulated cap.