New roof valley leaking

We have a leak so I climbed up to see if I could find the problem. The valley in this picture was full of debris, little pieces of roof asphalt, sand, and dirt. I cleansed it out and it looks like this is where it is leaking. The roofer came out and said he is going to fix it by filling it with caulk. is this a proper method to finish this gap?

Filling the gap with caulking is not the proper way to fix any roof leaks. You need to remove some shingles and maybe even some valley flashings in order to roof that area properly. Make sure you pick a roofer you know has great workmanship, as most roof repairs require even higher expertise than full roof replacements.

Take a picture standing a few feet back.

No, caulking will not fix that. It may make it worse.

You need to find a different roofer if they told you that. Find a different roofer and get it done correctly.

As patchap said take a picture standing back a bit. Also a valley can leak if simply clogged by debris so that may have been the problem all along.

Lol yeah dont call that roofer back out. Make sure they remove the shingles, inspect the underlayment and decking too. Install new felt, valley material, felt and shingles and make sure they take a few photos during the process so you can be assured they dont just caulk it and slap a shingle over it. Lol “caulk the hole” I hope he was offering that as a free service!