New roof vs re roof rates

Hello guys!

How much do you guys charge per square for a new construction roof (no tear off) vs a 1 layer re-roof?

Just labor

I usualy only do re-roofs and repairs so I don’t know how to price this.

I know there are alot of variables that can change price but any input is helpful.

There isn’t anyone local I can ask that would be willing to help.

It’s a 5/12 for reference.

Thank you so much guys!

Figure an hourly rate, multiplied by how long it’s going to take and add your overhead +20 %. Extras like chimneys, bay windows, cornice returns, skylights, valleys, and ladder work

Hard to make a profit on new construction. I’ve been asked numerous times and told them I’d be five times higher than what they’re used to.


I cant even look a builder in the eye.
They think what i charge is ridiculous
And i think what they want to pay is ridiculous.
We just cannot talk at all.
I only do new construction for people who i have already worked for replacing a roof on a previous property.

Builder, general contractors are shoppers of the lowest bidder worker.
Always!! Thats how they make their money…
They are subcontractor shoppers.

And i am not on their short list…

Now with the uncertainty of this Administration
The prices are going to skyrocket.
OSHA licking their chops
If Biden gets in
Yall about to find out what socialism cost.

today i find out my permits are 10 dollars a square now. Literally
And all the underlayment has to be Two-plyed

Oh , the customers are going to love the new price large increase.

2021 here we come.


In your area maybe builders ALWAYS want low price but not in mine. The better builders are willing to pay for quality and service because many of them are working cost plus. On easy tract work we get around $160-180 per square labor for 5-12 single story and we’re not in the big city with high cost of living. Not as good as reroof margins but I can live with $1200 per day profit on each 3 man crew on jobs we can work in the rain.

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180 per sq for just labor? Holy smokes. What part of the USA is that?

If I told you I’d have to…well you know. $280-300 per square labor/material. Takes a lot of years to get GCs to buy in but once you get there, if you handle things properly, they never look elsewhere. Quality and service still count in some areas, fortunately. Also single layer 5-12 we start at $415 per. I know it is better in many areas but most jobs we do are within 20 minutes drive time from our shop.


280-300 if fantastically high money for new constr laminate roof. That being said, if your competition is there too and you can get that, god bless ya! Materials (all in) are over 100 per sq by themselves, and that’s the difference between you stated labor vs labor and material price. So that means you are making even more. You are truely working in a honey hole. Enjoy

Kevin Pratt

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We usually end up with serious contractors who are tired of the shitty service/quality they receive from the lower priced guys. We do mostly custom homes but do have a few subdivisions we work (not dingers but $400,000 homes). I keep track of their framing progress with drive bys and dry them in before being told to do so, many times right before rains move in. We give builders no reason to look elsewhere and I always know when it’s the 10th of the month because their checks are in my mailbox. We are blessed with a lot of good accounts and do everything we can to hold onto them. Also, we don’t bid these jobs, just bill them out when we’re done. The benefit of 20+ year relationships.


Just to clarify $280-300 is labor AND material. Not sure if I said it right.

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That’s great! We have been doing new contr for 30 years in our market and do the same with “drive by” etc., and run a fleet of 7 conveyor trucks to inventory and load our own materials. Over the last few years there have been hundreds of new roofing companies pop up. Some are trying new constr to keep crews busy. They can’t really compete, but they sure try, and fuck up the market in the mean time. We do everting from very high end 3+ mill down to track homes. From laminates to tile and standing seam. I’ve never seen a market so saturated as it is now!

Kevin Pratt

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It looks like you’ve built up a great company! Right now there is a great profit for builders because of our housing boom so they don’t mind paying extra for service and quality. When things get bad, as they inevitably will, then we usually work with our long term clients and bring pricing down as needed to where we still make a decent profit. In 2008 builders were lucky to clear $10-15,000 on a 1500 sq ft new construction so I didn’t feel right not pitching in

I know the feeling lol

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You should be very proud of what you’ve built. Most people don’t realize how difficult it is to do that.

Very helpful info guys , I knew I could count on you.

This is someone I’ve done large re-roofs for so I’m definitely willing to do this small new construction to keep the good faith and all.

How much do y’all charge for installing ice and water / metal and tile rolls?

Thanks :blush:

Why keep asking what everyone else charges? Why don’t you take your material, labor and overhead costs, apply your profit margin and that’s what you charge? When I reach a point that I care what everyone or anyone else is charging is the day I’m out of the business.


Especially considering different regions. Authentic, that is spot on advice! When I first broke in it was all about what everyone else was charging and I never even looked at bottom line. Just figured that’s where I needed to be. Lost money for many years with that business model but luckily made a name for our company and figured out a better way.



Thanks for your replies they have all been helpful!

Thats what we are working on right now, I’ve been accused of charging more than the other companies (don’t know how much more) but after showing them the quality products we use, workmanship, attention to details, warranty, and they are still wanting cheaper i send them on their way. I’m creating a small network of people in the community that don’t mind paying more for quality. That’s the type of client I want.

I’m here to learn from people that have been doing this for much longer than me, and that have different insights.

You all are very helpful, thank you!

I want to charge more and provide proper value for it. The funny thing is the low bid customers are also usually the slow pays.