New roofer curious if getting screwed

Hi I’m a new roofer, just started 3 weeks ago. I’m getting paid by the bundle and am currently working on a cedar roof. The guys in my crew and I are getting paid $6(CND) for installing one bundle of cedar. Just curious as to what other people may be getting paid?

Edit: To clarify my question

Since there’s five bundles in a square your getting $30 a square to install which grade cedar shingles?

I’ve got a shake roof comming up r/r at $600 a square insurance.

When we worked by the sq for someone else we got $150 per sq. for the 18in perfections. 4 bundles to a sq.

You just started roofing 3 weeks ago? Or you just started getting paid by the square 3 weeks ago?

The answer to your question is YES

It might also depend on how much supervision he requires too.
Perhaps he is 3 weeks on the job and he is working by the square?

That is awfully little.

Is that a regular rate, or just a learning rate?

For a regular rate it is not enough, but it can be o.k if you are just learning the trade

hey! ill hire you! :twisted:

Yeah but its an extra charge to use nails.

Lol y’all are evil. Are you tearing off before you install and helping with the ground work. Sounds like your boss is trying to retire soon…

you should get at least 30 a bundle. Usually more,
depending on how cut up