New Roofing Business Startup

I wanted to ask if anyone knows exactly what licenses/permits are required in the state of south carolina. I have 1 year of experience on roofing as for my uncle (i work for) has 7 years of experience and runs his own team for a company. Have the money, insurance, and teams with years of experiences. Just need to know. :?:

South Carolina Code of Laws: Title 40 - Professions and Occupations

Bon appetit!

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Another example why every roofing contracter or homeowner should have their roof inspected by a 3rd party.

Sorry my friend…but running a company with 1 yr roofing experience?

You are basically asking the homeowner to PAY YOU thousands of dollars so you can continue to learn how to roof…is that logical? “Spock says no!”

You will need, at minimum, the specialty trades license that would allow you to do 3 trades. In other words, to do anything other than minor repairs, you’ll need the specialty trades license. Assuming you apply and get that, you need a bond to be allowed to do jobs of the higher $ amount (greater than $500 I believe). I believe you need 2 years experience and 3 references to get the state license board to approve the specialty trades license.

Actually i may have misinterpreted, I have 1 year working as management, accounting, and legal and insurance liability for the contractor(in means my uncle). He needs someone for partnership…

But you should have professional degree that is why you don’t able of the make contraction company.
Mostly company when register your company when you are professional degree holder before you should be professional degree holder.

You should ask your uncle too for what you should need if he is really interested to make you partner or something.