New roofing company advice


I’ve been working for large comercial construcsion companies for the past 8 years. We’ve built power plants, manufacturing plants and so on. A friend of a friend suggested to me that I should open up my own construction company with a focus on roofing. I have no experience or knowledge of roofing at all. I wanted to get y’all advice/opinion on what I should do to learn about insurance claims and process. I’ve already signed up to get Xactimate training. Can someone give me some guidance on what to study or read to get started? The my state doesn’t require me to have any type of license to be a roofer but I want to make sure I do things the right way. For now I’m going to just work on the weekends looking for customers. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

There’s your answer. Get a job with a roofing company and learn the trade first.


I would have to agree with roofermann. There’s a lot to learn. My other suggestion would be to get a GC license and sub out the work. There’s still a lot to know doing that, but less stress than doing the work yourself. I wouldn’t start a company without first knowing the trade.

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I wouldn’t even sub out the work without knowing the trade. Isn’t it more important to just do good work and make a clean living than make a bunch of quick bucks and leave a trail of shitty work in your rear view. This is our legacy and what will be left behind when we’re gone. Maybe not the actual roofs, as they get replaced, but our workmanship and conduct. Would you want your kid to take over the company and deal with a bunch of pissed off customers complaining about how their Dad screwed them over? Not me.

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I tell the customer “That’s my roof until it gets replaced”


I agree with what’s already been said. Without the experience or knowledge I believe you would be better off opening a construction company staying within the areas you have already gotten your skill developed.
It’s not one particular thing but many that you need to be familiar with before starting on your own.
Each manufacturer has their own specific requirements how to install their products, and what is ok with one manufacturer it may vary with another. What I’d recommend for one roof may not be the same for the next.
Even if you do not take the advice from these guys listen to me about this. Until you know the Roofing industry better, don’t mess with the insurance claim process without help from someone that’s got the experience.
I’m not sure where your from but in Missouri a roofing contractor cannot act as a public adjuster and assist the homeowner negotiate anything.
Good luck and God speed my friend

I completely agree, and I’m sure most roofers would do that as well, the issue is were seeing more nailers than actual roofers anymore.

I am agree with your points. I think you should consider these questions with a local roofing expert. They know all the things about roofing, siding etc.