New roofing company

I am going to start a sheet metal roofing company this spring and am trying to do research before jumping in. I have been doing roofing for quite a while and enjoy it so I thought it would be a good idea. I was just looking for any ideas and suggestions. Thank-you

open a tavern instead.45% of your clientel will be roofers anyway.


Enjoying roofing as a job and running a roofing company are two different things.

Most people think that running a company is easy. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Why do you want to start a roofing company? You have to start your plan from there. If you do not know where you are going. You will not get there.

I want to start a roofing company because I see the bad reputation that they get. I would like to change that, well in my area anyway. I’m not looking to make millions, I’d like to be known as a craftsman, and take it from there. I understand it will be tough, but rewarding too. Any ideas would be appreciated.

1st step is get a good accountant. one that does construction companies already and understands the workmans comp issues. he should be able to guide you. without an accountant you will be out of business in 2 years when you realize you owe $100,000 to uncle sam. no one tells you to pay your taxes or when or how much…so you probably wont pay them or not pay enough. so get a good accountant to help you.

Where are you located? Some of the “why’s & whatfore’s” are regional.

I am located in Northern Vermont, right near the Canadian border.

If you get any work from up North, prepare to be paid in Molsons & beaver pelt.

thanks, I’ll keep an eye open for that

what type of sheet metal. do you have a metal shop ?

I would like to do alot of standing seam roofing as well as slate. In the beginning my shop will be my garage and I hope to take it from there.

You also need to see if your area can support a standing seam company. Metal roofs generally cost more. If there is not a lot of metal roofs there might not be a market for them.


In my area most of the roofs are stsnding desm roofs

That’s good your area will be able to support SS. In Alaska it is very popular also. I recently did a job in which we used a 1 1/2" panel for the siding as well as the roof. When I get a chance I will find the pictures that I took and upload them.


I’d suggest you call on a lot of the construction co’s (primarily custom builders) & see if you can @ least bid on some jobs.

Will you be doing the roll form in your shop or do you have a mobile rig? Will you be doing the installation yourself with your crew or helper(s) or mostly just the mfg / brake work?

Here in Texas, a lot of the metal guys contract out to an onsite roll forming guy & then they do the installation… you could also look into supplying parts to other installers. Making trim pieces, crickets, dead valleys, turnback, skylight flash kits, etc. & see if there’s a market to supply these to other roofers (not all roofers need metal panels but we all need flashing & other detail parts).

You don’t have to put together a full on website, but I’d @ least suggest a PhotoBucket acct. & get it organized really well - spend the $ 25.00 required for a “Pro” account & it will give you unlimited upload & downloading capabilities, that way you can direct people there to see examples of your work.

If you’re driving down the road & see a house going up, stop in & talk to the contractor no matter what stage of the build they’re in - they might not be doing metal on that house, but there may be an opportunity to provide one for the next. Also, if they are 90% done with the roof for a house you stop in on, whip out a quick informal estimate & say something like “You know, for that approximately 2 square area right there it would cost you $ xxx.00 to do it in a standing seam or snap lock & it would really set the house apart from everything else in the area.”

Good luck.

what type of metal do they use up there? Galv. or Alum?

Mostly all galvanized steel. I’d like to do alot of slate and copper work too if I can find the right market for it. Right now I’m just researching, trying to figure out the best way to go about this.