New roofing job

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If anyone would be so kind to help me be a bit more informed with contractors, by giving their advice I’d be much obliged! I have a GC that I somewhat trust handling some home improvement projects (painting and roofing). My house’s original roof is almost twenty years old. When the house was built (not by me) the roofers put up basic three tab asphalt with no underlay of any kind. It needs replacing. The roofer says it’s a waste to pull up the old roof and wants to lay over the old. As well, he says I don’t need an underlay as the old shingles will do that. I spec’d GAF Timberline Ultra shingles. I thought that I’d need GAF Shingle-Mate as well but he says no. Should I insist upon it? I have no problem paying the extra labor to have it done. It seems to me to be the proper way to go. Yes or no?

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If you go over the old roof you will not need the shingle mate. Since you are wanting to buy a longer life shingle tear it off and call it a day. If he does not want to do that then find youself another roofer.

hello matty,
what your roofer is tellin ya is rite in a sence,
but the days of recovering roofs is finnally commin under fire.
just to many problems down the road.
so just ask the roofer to take the roof off.
and that you want them to take some pictures.
yes it will cost several thousand more.
but will be worth it.
the new roof will lay flatter, and look better.


What he said and last longer too.


Tear it off.

It will look better, last longer.

The old roof will not act like Shingle Mate.

Find a roofer that will help you get the roof you want on your house. If he says that he does not believe in tearing off. Do not try to get him to. Just find one who will.

I agree with Lefty. Get someone that suggested tearing it off for the sake of doing the better job. This is the guy that does not despise the extra labor work in the service of his customer.

GAF is a top of the line brand IMO.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll have a talk with him today. He said he’d be happy to tear it off for an extra $1,500 or so.

bada bing!

saved ya 500 bucks allready.


if you’ve ever seen the bottom layer of shingles you’ll know why you don’t overlay. usually the bottom layer bakes and crumbles causing the new layer to cave in which will cause the failure of the new shingles. the manufacturer will not honor a warranty on an overlay as far as i know. tear it off and have the contractor lay the entire roof with ice&water shield. its worth the extra money. i won’t do a roof without it. cheap insurance for him and you…he’s insured you’ll never have a leak and you’re insured that even if he’s a dummy it shouldn’t leak :slight_smile: