New season coming

Hello, everyone. i have been looking at the job adds and i wonder if any one out there is looking for roofing crews. with experience and trailers and trucks and tools. let me know if anyone is looking. we have done big projects and we do great work. you can email me at

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That is just rude, regardless of whether or not this poster is of Native American, Hispanic, or Eastern European descent.

I believe that my Grand Father would have always been looking for work to feed his family as well.

An individual who comes over here to sponge off of the system is one thing, but trying to work and better themselves is entirely different.


Do you have insurance…are you bonded…where is your present home operation located?

I think it is better and more ethical NOT to sub out to independent roofing crews.

I agree Ed with what you said about being rude. This forum has been changing for the last month. As i said to you on the phone things are different now.

Sorry to have to disagree with some of y’all, but as for sub labor it’s an unavoidable situation in some markets.

There is NO way I could compete if I had to have a full time crew as I can’t keep them busy 5 days a week. It’s the slow time of year for everyone & it’s not due to the weather being too cold - there’s just not much rain right now & last year’s super freezing temps (very much out of the ordinary for this region) actually helped a LOT because it exposed a lot of hack temporary BlackJack repair jobs.

Swamps of Jersey needs to find a new line of work 'cause it’s obvious he can’t handle the stress. What if his line of work was in some kind of industry that was farmed out to China? Would he then travel to China to stand on a street corner with a sign & complain that his job was outsourced?

There is nothing wrong with sub labor, some subcontractors are very good.

The problem with sub labor is that the salesman will often sell a roof as top quality, then turn around and hire the cheapest labor they can find.
In effect not giving the customer the service or quality that they expected.

Good subs are not cheap either.
A good sub contractor is a real roofer, with the knowledge, experience, and ethics that defines a roofer.
Many subs are just installers, with limited skills, knowledge, and experience.
There is a difference.
But unfortunately the latter description is more prevalent.

How many roofers once subbed because they were a new company and didin’t have much of there own work?

How many roofers sub because they are great roofers but not a great business person?

Using or being a sub is not bad business. If you are a legal citizen who does good quality work then there is a need for you.

If you are a company who is willing to pay a good wage for a good crew then I see nothing wrong with your business practice.

There is “sub-contracting” in all aspects of business not just roofing and construction. Even Our military hires sub contractors.

I do both, about 50/50 but I don’t keep track.