New shingles losing grit

Hi All, Went up on the roof today to see how it looks after one month and couple of small rain storms. Was surprised to see one shingle had lost most of it’s grit and a few more had minor losses in spots. Anyone know if this is common for Landmark 30 year shingles? Here’s a photo of the worst one,
the black area has no grit left. Would it be a good idea to spread some blackjack on it and sprinkle on some of the grit from the rain gutters, there’s quite a bit in there. :>)
Regards, DaveB

Hi Dave, It is not uncommon for a shingles to lose their grit or “bleed” but you should not be loosing as much in that short of time. From the picture you provided, I would say that it is a defective shingle. Given that this is only happening in one area or one shingle, I believe it may have something to do with a defective batch.
I would contact the roofing contractor that installed your new roof to see if they would come by and replace the shingle, if not, contact Certainteed to see what they can do for you. If you had a reputable company on your roof you shouldn’t have a problem getting them out to do a quick repair on a few shingles to keep them in your good books as a reference.
But, one thing to remember is that you went with a builders grade shingle, well, a little better that an IKO but still bottom of the barrel product. You should expect to see a lot of this 8-12 years down the road. Thinking in terms of good, better, best, you chose a good product, so it wont have as many granules stuck to the glue, glue stuck to the asphalt, and fiberglass to hold everything in place compared to a higher grade line. (40yr or LM-TL 50yr)
As long as this isn’t happening all over your roof I wouldn’t worry about it. get someone in there to replace the damaged shingles and keep an eye on the rest.

Hope this helps,


The shingle pictured probably came out of the package that way.
We have run into that a few times in the past year, I think they fixed the issue.

The pictured shingle should never have been put on, it should be replaced.

That is one reason I prefer to stay away from certainteed.

The plain simple fact is now you will find out why Certainteed has so many lawsuits against them. Their warranty requirements are going to stretch your patience.

[quote="-Axiom-"]The shingle pictured probably came out of the package that way.

Hi Axiom, No it was fine when I put it on and I’m sure it didn’t get damaged after installation cause I did all the work myself. When you’ve found this problem how many shingles are usually affected per roof or square?
Regards, DaveB

When we ran into this it was only 1 shingle randomly scattered among many, many sqs.
It wasn’t a big problem, it was unusual to see this in Certainteed shingles, we see in in GAF shingles a lot.

Its normal, GAF does the same thing. NOthing to worry about, now if you are seeing a black matte that is sparkly then you have a problem. For the record every shingle manufacturer has lawsuits coming out all over.

That is called a rough press. When the mat was covered with asphalt and granules the correct temperature was not right so therefore the granules do not adhere right to the shingle and that is why they (granules) sluff off the shingle in a matter of days, not just months.

Ok, Thanks guys. I guess I’ll go back up there in a month or so and see if any more have this problem.
Would it be better to try and replace it now instead of waiting? Does the glue get stronger over time or is it already set after the first month? I’m in california so it’s had 80 degree weather on it for a couple of days last month.
Will I do more damage replacing it than just leaving it or coating it with tar and granules? It’s on the back of the house where no one sees it so visually it’s no problem.
Thanks, DaveB

I had the same thing happen once on a roof I did three years ago, same shingle.

I didn’t lay any shingles on the roof and figured it was put down that way but now figure it occured as a result of what Roofsrus mentioned.

Still a lot better than Timberlines that crack.

Did some tree damage repair to a 1998 Landmark 25 year Resawn Shake and was pleased to find the roof in excellent condition. Spudding out a dozen shingles on a rake wasn’t too bad either. 45sq 10/12 14/12 never lost one shingle.