New shingles not flat...will warm weather fix this?

Just installed the other day. I haven’t paid the contractor yet and want to find out if this looks like bad shingles or just a case of being installed in cold weather (northeast US) and I’ll have to wait until spring for it to warm up and flatten the shingles.

Any help would be appreciated.

I think they will flatten out, but ask for a receipt for the materials to be sure they are of the type and brand you wanted. It is an extreme case of shingles not laying flat to say the least! I would have the manufacturers rep look at it with the contractor. It seams a bit careless to ask you to wait for warm weather. Don’t pay until your happy this is a valid concern. Hope this helps. Assure the Contractor that you do intend to pay when you are happy and the shingles are laying properly! In writing ASAP!

I see five or so shingles that look like they were squezzed too tight. They will lay down, but perhaps slightly overlapping the next shingle. It looks like no big deal, though, that would cause you any problem. It doesn’t seem to me to have anything to do with the manufacturer but rather the installer.

And sometimes it has to do with the supplier. If they don’t stack the shingles neatly they can get wavy. You can see that it was one bundle that was particularly bad, as it heads diagonally up the roof, right in the order shingles would be installed.

I would say that one bundle (as shangle said) was a bit crumpled. It may take some good sun to lay it down.

I hope those aren’t holes in the 1st and 5th wavy shingle??

I agree it will probably lay down with some warm weather, but I have to admit that is one of the worst examples of this I have seen.

I would probably try to manually seal those shingles down because I would be embarrassed to ask my customer for the rest of my money when the roof looks like that.

looks like the top bundle on the bottom pallet. this is common as suppliers sometimes stack pallets of shingles too high, and for various reasons such as overstock, lack of storage area, etc. and its not so much “warm weather” that is needed as plenty of sunshine will do the trick. for example, on a 90 degree day your shingles could be as hot as 140-150 degrees to the touch, so if it were 40 degrees the surface of your roof could be 80 degrees by 2 pm, provided its been sunny all day. however, i would keep an eye on the 5 or 6 shingles that look like they have been compromised due to overstacking as they may need replaced if they do not lay down with the rest. i install shingles in cold weather, however, i also place my materials in the homeowners garage or build an enclosure using tarps and heat shingles with a torpedo heater before installing. sounds like a pain in the neck from a contractors point of view, but it is worth it, after all, you aren’t proud of the appearance of your roof, and as your contractor i wouldn’t be proud of it either. it would cost probably cost no more than 200 to have what could be a hand full of shingles replaced, so i would withhold that amt from the contractor just incase. :smiley:

tell him to go up there and look at it. maybe he will change out 6-10 shingles and make it nice, maybe he will just want to wait for it to warm up to lay flat. if this is the only spot that is bad. hold $400 till it lays flat. but at least give him the rest of the money you owe him.

What he said. It is difficult to tell with one picture but it looks like the majority of the shingles are okay and should lay down. I don’t know about the couple that are really sticking up, it looks like those need to be changed out.

I don’t think its fair to hold any money back.It will lay down.Just before you hand him the cheque show him,he’ll probably do something for you to fix it.I’ve seen whole sides of roofs look like that,as long as they are not butted too tight they lay down,I’ve used a torch before to persuade them.

It sounds like he has talked with his roofer and his solution is to wait for warmer weather, he does not say I can fix that. So he can wait for warmer weather to be paid! Everyone will be happy come summer. He should not have nailed those shingles in that condition on the roof.

They will lay down. Ask your roofer if he has a hot air gun for single-ply. Hell, you could probably use a hair dryer.Pay him.

Hi, maybe my roof doesn’t look bad to someone but for me this is not good if roof is brand new (replaced last year). I contacted owner and they replace those shingles but after a 1 week of nice and warm weather still looks the same. Any idea or suggestions…

Before new shingles seal down, they can look a little lumpy and uneven. However, once the roof gets hot enough, they should soften, flatten and form a permanent seal. Sometimes this problem is more apparent on roof slopes that don’t heat up sufficiently for the shingles to seal until summer. Usually this isn’t a major issue, but if you live in an area that is very windy, your roofer can apply temporary adhesive to prevent the wind from catching the edge of the unsealed shingles and blowing them off.

It depends on how cold it was when they were put down it also depends on whether or not they lay them across the ridge like you’re not supposed to do on the package of the shingles that says plainly do not lay shingles over the ridge or on any hips, most roofers do this and it’s wrong. with a few weeks of warm weather and they will lay down if they were just recently put on, most of the time.

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