New Site

One week to go. The new site will be up on the 14th.

what site is that?

does the new site have a forum for roofers to argue with each other? :smiley:

cant post.
says im spam.

marshall make me laugh


The site is “

To satisfy the savage user, we will still have the forum in which you all will have a chance to ravage each other.

Again - what site are you referring to as being “a new site up on the 14th ?”

i think he means he’s revamping this one

ok , so the new site is comin the 14th.
cant wait to see what that means.


One day to go… & hopefully it won’t count two links or photos as me trying to spam.

Will we get any style points for best answer to a roofing customer’s problem?


Oh, & I’d hope we won’t lose our current post count / level with the change.

aww man nice site :

I hope this new site has very loving and welcoming roofers that never argue and give eachother love .

Hey Aaron BTW tx for all the cool E-Mails :mrgreen:

Well one things is for sure it loads much faster and thats nice.


It looks nice. Just can not read it without straining my eyes. So it is no good if you can not read it.

I have to scroll down on every page to start reading. So that makes it hard to use too.


From roofing questions, I can not get to the forum questions

I like it, you did a great job!

its beutifull,
thanks donl and japoax and all the memebers.
im glad to be a part of it all.


Its really pretty. Its smells like flowers in here.


I can read it on this screen better.

that is the “new” smell…like when you paint a room.

velly,velly,interesting 8)