New Skylight Install seems off - Advice

I am a homeowner and hired a GC to do some work on my house including installing 2 new skylights in the entryway. The idea was to get 2 - 22X46 skylights and place them in between the rafters so that we don’t need to structurally change the roof. As he requested curb mounted I got the Velux FCM 2246 along with the higher profile flashing (since I have a Spanish tile roof). My challenge is that he claims that he was not able to place the skylights close enough together so that it sits evenly between the rafters and thus it is offset about an inch over the other rafters (see arrows). He needed to add two supports (“B” and “C”) to the middle rafter (“F”) to create more space between the two skylights. Thus when he finishes with drywall, the drywall will have to hit the glass of the skylight and it I fear that it will not look clean. The curb he built (“A”) is not flush with the rafter (“D”).

Is this the correct way to do this? I was expecting the drywall to be flush with the curb built (“A”) and feel that it will look awkward touching the glass, plus I loose about an inch of glass.

See attached image for the above letter references. “D”, “E”, and “F” is existing rafters and joist.

Have you brought up your concerns with the contractor? He is the one who should be able to easily answer your questions.

22.5" x 46.5" is standard size for residential skylights. So unless you insisted on both skylights being directly next to each other they should fit over the rafters perfectly. Typically you need at least one rafter space between each skylight. If you are trying to put them right next to each other in adjacent rafter runs you are creating a nightmare.

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Everything Dtris said,
And also, when we are done ,
It is best if all you see is sky.
If you easily see the sides of the skylight,
The complaint would be it should have went a quarter inch this way or that way.

It doesnt usually happen , but it would be nice if the installer can see what it looks like from the inside before final attachment.
Especially for the picky customer.

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They make 45X45, if you want a large one

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