New to forum... Have general question

Met a roofer through a friends brother that said he would replace my roofs with insurance $’ “Scope of Loss”?he said?

Asked me to sign some contingency box on a Generic blank form. With some address of old residence on it.
Then, I called the insurance to get the ball rolling.

He called a few time during the week to see if I had heard from the adjuster.He came over, met with the adjuster and talked shop. About a week later I got confirmation frothe insurance and they will be sending over $$.

Wanting to make sure I get the best possible care I try to look up the contractors name, company etc. on line. I was shocked to find that he doesn’t exist no matter how I input his name company or address.

Now, I’m a little concerned. How can I possible give this guy a sizable amount of $$. And I can’t even prove he is a business?

On the other hand he did provide me some leg work and info. And expertise. But still I am concerned that if my roof leaks in a few years will I even be able to find him?

I am a fair person but at this point I would rather find a local company and pay a locally established company.

I feel like if I continue with him I am gonna loose big time.

Doesn’t this contractor have to be registered with the city and prove bonding and insurances? how can he do this without a place of business?

Being a fair person I would not be agains giving him a affair wage for his estimates, but I’m angry with myself for not following through a little better.

I asked him to give me his estimates several times before we even go this far. Still no estimates. But he expects me to just hand over the information from the insurance scope.

Does this sound fishy?

Double check his reference. Go look at the completed work. Ask your Contractor to verify his authenticity.