New to roofing industry

Hello. New here, and new to the roofing industry as well. Total n00b. I’ve learned the basics of roofing systems (decking, felt, osb vs. plywood, etc, shingle types, drip, valley, etc). I realize the best way to learn is to just do it, but I’m expected to write supplements in Xactimate as well. I’ve figured out the basics of that program, but have found I simply lack the experience to write an effective supplement.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I can learn how to write kick-rump supplements? Looked around on google but all it finds are either 1) companies that write them for you or 2) Xactimate tutorials and/or expenesive classes to purchase. I don’t think my company will foot the bill for those!

Just wondering if there is some mystical Xactimate resource out there everyone else learned on, or if it’s just a matter of sweat, tears and time before I get it down to an art myself. Thanks in advance, and please don’t be too hard on teh n00b. :wink: