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Good day Everyone

First off i would just like to say hello to everyone in the community.

I have recently been employed as a salesmen for a roofing company that i have worked for the past few years and i was hoping someone could give me some tips on selling roofs,how to measure from the ground accurately, and also other general sales tips on selling

i’m new to selling roofs but have experience selling cars, any tips would help.



well ill give you one tip. you can measure from the ground easy by counting tabs. watch out for metrics though. You get a lot of credibility with the customer by going up on the roof, even though in a lot of cases you dont really have to.

I hate to say it but selling anything is just a game. If you were good at selling something else then you can sell roofing work. Selling is selling. What will hurt you to start with is having a limited understanding of roofing processes, how long they take, the pros and cons of each system, etc. I am not a salesman but my advice would be to educate yourself on roofing systems, first and foremost.

I don’t think there is an easy way out. if you are new you should walk every roof and measure as exact as possible. In time you start to see the same thing over and over. when you think you got it guess how big the house is, then measure it and when you get it right every time your the man.

thanks for the fast feed back

the problem with walking is most of the roofs in my area are not walkable 10/12 or worse

any tips of measuring ?

measure the length of the house and count the shingles up to ridge am sure one of the guys will be able to tell u how many course are usually in a meter or foot am unsure of shingle sizes as my trades slate then if there is like five course to the meter divide that by how many course there is in total then times that by the length should give un an actual size to work with

ok this helped me. i made a 10’x10’ box 4 pieces of metal edging.get familiar with the size. when you go to the house count squares. walk around and guess how many boxes fit in that plane of roof and work your way around. you should get real close you can get with in a couple sq in time

Go buy a wheel, not the small ones a large one. Sections are either squares, triangles or trapizoids. Meause it correctlys rather than guessing. A couple of square in my neck of the woods will not get you the job since bidding is so tight. Email me and i will show you how to measure.

you can get a roof estimating tool from GAF (they are better to see through than the other brands)stand back 50’ look through the chart and you can see what the pitch is (soon you will be able to tell this without even looking at the chart) measure the eve of the house then measure the gable of the house. divide the gable in half then multiply by the slope factor there is a slope factor on the chart that tells you what to multiply by. you multiply this # by the eve and you have your square footage for that particular slope. dont forget to add your overhangs. it will build trust in the customers eyes if you at least put your ladder up to the edge and look under the drip edge to see how many layers are on it. most homeowners expect to see you on a ladder. what did you do for this roofing company before. #1 selling tool you have is confidence and quick responses to any question (dont hum & haw). if they ask you a question give them a immediate and accurate response, but dont just make stuff up or lie.

Thanks everyone

I’ve never measured or sold a roof before, anymore detailed information would help.



what did you do for that company for the past few years?

Well if it was you that emailed me I am waiting for you to respond. Altho i dont know a thing about sales im willing to help. LOL :roll: