New yorker doing a roof in florida

I’m going to St Augustine Fl from Buffalo ny to do a roof for a friend of mine its 30sq all walker one layer tareoff my price 3000.00 plus gas to and from florida and back plus i’m staying at the house free of charge hes buying all the material he had two est.of 11300,and 12600 I think that that is alot.But what are the codes in florida, Is ice and water shield required do i have to weave the valleys.I know i can find this out when i get out there but thought i would ask.

Those prices quoted are not alot for my area and from what I have heard probably average for out there to.So you are doing this for $100 per sq,He must be a good friend…I have no idea about the codes out there someone else should be able to help you with that. :?

this is a job for abraham lincoln

hey bl,
codes change to much for me to keep up with them.
i know if your peal n stick the whole thing, 6 nail the shingles, tar the edge metal good, put valley metal in the valleys and tar them good, and put a lead boot or pitch pan around the elc pole, you should be allrite. those are the little things
most inspectors like to see.
take a bunch of pics too.
makes ya look like ya know what your doin.

100 bucks is good for florida.
ide come up there and do it for less.

was just there for daytona bike week.