Newbie needs help choosing between 2 roofers

Hello everyone,
Sorry to barge in like this, I am a nurse and have no CLUE what I’m doing in hiring someone to do my roof so thought I’d ask the pros for advice!

We live in Michigan and got 2 estimates for our house. We’ve got a 2 story colonial with 30 squares and lots of peaks and valleys, 2 chimneys and 3 downspouts. We got two estimates:

Mr. Roof: 12k for the thunderguard system, “lifetime” warranty
Hansons: 10,8K for the 30 year “guarantee”

We are not fools and have a hard time believing any roof would actually last over 30 + years, and know that a warranty is really only as good as the company backing it. But seems to be a bit steep pricing. What do you think? We are kinda being pushed into making a decision in the next 2 days. Thanks for your help!

First off those are the highest priced companies in the state. Second if your in troy and have a 2 story home like you said that price is pretty high. To be honest I would get some different estimates. Those to companies are high pressure and they dont take no for an answer very well. Are you doing gutter with this quote? The 30 year warranty is on the shingles only not the labor. Second if the thunderguard shingle was so good everyone would use it across the country. They dont. I run into those to companies everyonce and a while. All i can say is well check out these links and maybe that will help your decision:

You should not pressured into buying something in 2 days that is not a good practice of a company. If you have any questions or need anything email me at

Hope this helps.


I am a roofing contractor in Shelby Township. I do a lot of work in Troy in your area. We are a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor in business now for 10 years. We are recommended by both GAF (GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor) and Certainteed - the two largest shingle companies.

Both the contractors you listed are on the pricey side as GTP has previously stated. I bid against them on a daily basis and usually end up getting the job due to there price being so high. Call me and I will come out and give you a free estimate with a competitve price - much less than the 2 you have in hand. Can do it today or tomorrow or whenever you would like.


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You guys are out of your freaking minds.

call timothy and get a bid from him.

uh Aaronb,
why are they outta their minds again?
it all seems pretty sain to me.


Aaron, you said “you two are out of your freaking minds”… ? Lost me on that one. :?:

I would check with GTP & the other fella - GTP is on here all the time giving solid advice & is a major contributor (not trying to say Timothy might not be worthy, but I have come across threads with GTP a bit more often).

I say get both of them out there & get quotes.

Ms. Customer, can you also let us know why you have to make a decision within 2 days? Is it the roofing co’s who are pushing you to flip the switch, or is there some other reason we don’t know about?

Remember also that the type of shingle selected is certainly one of the most important parts of the quote, however there are a LOT of other considerations such as flashing, chimney concerns (said you have two of them), specialty cleanup issues or advance preparations, etc.

I’m w/ Aaron on this one. I know exactly what he means :mrgreen:

I’m many miles away in Massachusetts, but I’ve researched Mr. Roof and his Thunderguard system (isn’t it a rubber granulated shingle?). If he is manufacturing the product, then from my perspective, GAF and Certainteed (via Bird) have been around this entire country for about a 100 years, and they’re the most popular in the country, and they have very few if any complaints. I would certainly trust their warrantee over “Mr. Roof’s” warrantee any day, provided they’re installed right. Try some of these Michigan guys, they’re all saying it sounds high, and all of us professional roofers can vouche that they know what theyre doing.

I think those prices are about in the ballpark. But, with my experience and expertise with the finer details of roofing, I think I could provide you with a better roofing solution.

How’s that Aaron? :smiley:

All im going to say is this, in this area they are basically a joke. The market does not support this unless the customer is stuck on a name. Nothing more. I figure since the customer never responded she went with tme. Either way a 30 square roof will not cost 10k around here in michigan. Yes i know Aaron and Dennis think it is ok but the market is to large to support those numbers. To bad that is not my problem. They may have contacted tim i dont know. Im not worried im 3 weeks out anyway. I dont even know why im writing this.


It seems like the market does support those prices.

It really does not. Out of 10 leads they may sell 1. Since i do this here all day trust me it really does not.

Im with you Kevin… we know what they are like here in Michigan while others might think they know the pricing only we who live here really know the pricing situation …

The customer who started this thread has never contacted me to discuss anything. I was hoping one of us could of helped the person out (especially if it was me !! :smiley: ) - oh well - I tried.

Same here no contact. Ah well.

I was pulling for ya’s.

I really did research Mr. Roof probably like a year ago, and I saw his huge fleet, and that he’d been in business for a long time. Still though, I thought he was missing something, even though he was obviously more successful than me.

When I see he’s entering the manufacturing aspect of it, I can’t help but wonder, what are his qualifications? Is he a chemist? Did he simply make an investment into technology because he’s a successful business man? I suspect the latter, and thats what scares me. What would he really know of roofing, and who is in charge of getting rid of the kinks in a new system?

The safe bet has to go to the proven company sometimes, and you can’t argue with certain successes sometimes (like GAF or Certainteed). Being the buyer, supplier, designer, warranter, and installer of a system just sounds like too many eggs in one basket from any successful business plan from my viewpoint. Granted, you may cut SOME overhead (really, I’d think you’re bringing on more), but you expose yourself to so much liability and stretch your technology, education, chemistry, and training thin.

Malarky makes there shingle. SBS modified shingle. Thats all i know about it. If it was that good everyone would use it.

Hey Severance, one day we may see all the manufacturers jump on this bandwagon. One never knows

Just a quick note about Malarkey shingles.
We use them here in Alaska about 80% of the time. They can withstand 104 knot winds, as long as the nails are in the proper place and you 6 nail the shingles. I was on the western coast of Alaska 1/2 mile from the Bering Sea installing 3-tabs on a school(pretty stupid considering that everything else out there has metal on it, but that is what the school board wanted.) Storm blew in with 104 knot winds and we only lost 2 squares out of 150.
Imo they are a good shingle.


What is knot compared to an MPH? .6? or 1.6?