Newer companies calling themselves the best or "Premier"

So this is kind of an off topic kinda thing but does anyone else have newer companies set up shop in your city and begin calling themselves the best, premier, or “THE #1 ROOFING COMPANY IN (area)”

Over the past couple years we’ve had about 2 or 3 of these companies either move into our area or start a new business. And they all do the same thing, start advertising being #1 in the city and then knocking on doors for months and scooping up all the work and building up 4, 5, or even 6 crews. (who don’t work as a team)

I work for a family company that’s been in business for more than 30 years. We just have one crew and one estimator. I’m the youngest guy in the company since I started working here. I’ve been helping out with advertising, redesigning their website, and running a Google AdWords campaign, but it seems like we’re fighting for relevance against these companies whose age isn’t even in the double digits yet.

But to add insult to injury they do things like seemingly lie about how long they’ve been in business. I’m pretty sure they’re just taking however many years the oldest roofer in their company has been roofing, not the actual company itself because it’s always worded weird like “roofing houses since 19xx” instead of “in business since 19xx”

I’ve talked to the owner about expanding so that people can really see how good of a company we are but he says it’s better to keep it small and that it allows everyone more flexibility which I agree with.

I guess my question is how do you compete with companies that have fancy trucks and billboards even though their “employees” don’t even know how to use a gun? It seems like they’re more in the sales business then they are in the roofing business, a lot of them just get the sale and contract it out. Sorry to vent but does anyone else experience anything like this?


If you ever get an answer on how to compete with them let me know hah.

The company I work for is coming up on 30 years in business. We have one crew (5 guys) and that is just about the whole company. We are able to set ourselves apart from the bigger companies by offering a more personalized experience for the homeowner, paying closer attention to small details (dont destroy plants, clean up everything, etc) and being one of the few companies in the area that still hand nails. We dont advertise anywhere and most of our business comes from word of mouth referrals or local neighborhood groups.

They likely use terms like that to help with SEO. What’s it matter? Do you honestly think people buy from them because they’re saying they’re the best or number 1? The reality is, your company has likely grown complacent over time due to lack of competition. Now you have it and you don’t know what to do.

Start selling again! Start investing in real SEO, ad words and targeted Facebook marketing. Light a fire under your sales people’s ass. Fire some if you have to and hire some willing to work. These other competitors aren’t likely going away. Quit whining and get to work. Or eventually, go out of business.


Thats exactly how we’re structured, our boss has us super clean the yard everyday and run several passes with the magnet along with using tarps. He says that it sets us apart from the competition. 4 - 5 man crew as well, with teamwork you can accomplish as much as the big crews and still get out before the sun starts baking the roof.

We use guns but we’re very careful to set the pressure just right so it doesn’t punch thru the shingle and fix any mistakes as regard to nails driving in incorrectly.

I’m right there with you, I believe they’ve become complacent over time and aren’t really trying to improve because they’re happy where they’re at. I’ve only been slowly working on them, but maybe it’s about time I speak my mind haha.

I understand exactly where you are coming from. It’s frustrating but two perspectives that may help you is that:

  1. “The cream always rises to the top.” If they’re lying (or half truthing however it’s put) it’ll catch up to them eventually.

  2. I’m willing to bet no one actually believes they’re the number one roofing company. Anytime someone tells me they are “the number one” whatever it is, I don’t believe them. So they’re likely wasting their breath thinking it’s helping them.

What you can do to compete (if you’re not doing this already) is spread your company out on social media. What your competitors are doing well is keeping their brand top of mind (hence the billboards and fancy trucks) it’s all branding. That’s all it is. So find avenues you can brand your company on that work within your companies parameters. If the owner is happy with your lead generation currently then your sole focus on social media is brand awareness and visuals to your consumers.