Night temping epdm to tar/gravel any suggestions

Night temping epdm to tar/gravel, any good ways to do this, thanks.

use hot after spudding gravel on old roof

Are you tearing off the old?

Not knocking you, just curious if you typically have hot around when installing and epdm roof…

I don’t see any fast temporary way of doing this. Lots of time and materials wasted here to do it right has to be accounted for is my opinion. The roofs have to be seperated by metal. Scratch the connection with the spud bar on the t&g side, cement membrane; pressure sensitive on the rubber connection… I’ll be interested in learning something new here as I’m a sloped specialist.

I have all the night temp answers!!!

give me the scenerio and I’ll give you the proper way to temp it in.

[quote=“G-Tape”]I have all the night temp answers!!!

give me the scenerio and I’ll give you the proper way to temp it in.[/quote]

Ahh… he did give the scenario… t&g to epdm…

Okay then…

if he was tearing off the old BUR, then you need prop up the old BUR at the edge with a couple of 2X4s or something that will prop it up about 6 inches. Then you lay the EPDM over the propped up BUR, then weight down the EPDM edge.

If he isn’t tearing it off, you can do it 2 different ways.

  1. if it is calling for rain, fold back the EPDM, sweep off the edge of the BUR where the EPDM lands. Sweep it off real good, the take your torch and melt the area where the EPDM will land. Heat it until the tar starts to come up out of the rock. Let it cool and then use Night Seal, its kinda like Pourable Sealer. Pour a line of that onto the melted tar, lay the EPDM into the Night Seal, press it into the Night Seal and then take a stick or something to spread the excess Night Seal onto the edge of the EPDM. In the morning, you chalk a line and cut the EPDM and start a new section.

  2. If it isn’t calling for rain, take 911, that kitty litter type substance, fold back the EPDM about 2 ft. Pour a line of the 911 onto the roof, about 1 1/2 ft. from the edge of the EPDM edge. Make the 911 about 3 inches high. lay the EPDM over the 911 and then put a few 2x4s on the EPDM so it doesn’t blow back over. In the morning, fold the EPDM back over, take a shovel and scoop up all the dry 911 to use another night.

Spud the edge of the bur and cut the epdm long…then use Night Shot.

NightShot is a fast acting, dual-component, polyurethane foam designed to form a temporary seal between new roof covers and existing roof systems. NightShot is dispensed through a portable 1:1 applicator and adheres to all types of roofing systems, including TPO, EPDM, PVC, Built-up and Modified Bitumen.

NightShot is applied in a single band where the old roof surface meets the new roof system. The NightShot must be allowed to rise prior to pressing the new roof membrane into the foam. Care must be taken to insure that the new membrane is in full contact with the NightShot and that there are no voids or fishmouths along the edge of the membrane. Contaminated membrane and NightShot must be cut away prior to continuing with the application of the new roof. NightShot must be kept at room temperature and must not be applied when the deck temperature is below 40 degreees F. Roof surface must be clean, dry, and free of all loose gravel.

Thanks for all the help, and yes it is a tear off.

yes i would have hot on an epdm job if i knew my crew needed to use it for a tie off. this would have been determined in my pre-bid walkthru and figured into estimated job costs.

you know what roofboss… I know for a fact that you can milk a good hot roof for sixty years with general maintenance. Still, all my good roofer friends look like Kentucky Fried Chicken because of it. I don’t want to die working, and I don’t even want to get burnt roofing. All that hot stuff, I think somebody else is going to spill it on me even. I’m all set with hot, as good as I know it is if you know what you’re doing (like anything).

we install over 40k sq of hot a MUST respect it.disrespect or ignorance causes pain.i have been roofing with hot for 35 yrs and have yet to be burned larger than a quarter.i wear gloves,longsleeves. no short cuts. i like the green smoke!!!