No access and landscape protection

I was wondering what most people charge their homeowners for houses that are built to far from the road to allow supplier material drops and such? I know different areas of the country will have vastly different pricing, but there is no set amount on the insurance side either so it is one of those line items that is highly flexible. Also on landscape protection to keep everything from getting damaged when you are having to drop all those shingles on open tarps to be hand loaded down to the street.

This is information unique to the project, how could we answer this? Either you know how long it takes to do something or you don’t.

I was more asking in regards to what people have seen on insurance paperwork. I have seen no access charges which are charged on a per square basis range from 10-35 dollars a square. We charge between 15-20 but i was curious. Since we deal with most of the major carriers i was trying to be informed as to what the “norm” truly is if we were low. For landscaping protection it’s the same scenario. Everyone just throws a number out there and hopes that the insurance will pay for it. I was trying to get information on what a standard could be.

You have to determine how long it will take you to carry the roof debris from the house the the dumpster that is on the street. This will change on every project.

Then you have to determine how long it will take you to carry the material from the road and put on the roof. This if figured by per person, multiplied by the hours. This will also change on every project.

You will have to break it down like this so the adjuster can draw a picture in his/her mind of what the property looks like. BTW they will look up the property via satellite images so that they can cover their backs.

Now, the landscaping covering some adjuster will say that is part of doing your job. Others will want to know the labor you incurred to cover the landscaping as the material that are used are not job specific. Meaning that the tarps,plywood are used on several jobs.

I never cared much about what an employee of an insurance company said about much of anything. Although I have done LOTS of insurance work over the years, I have always done it at MY pricing.

I can remember talking to an adjuster, ( him pursuing after me because of me being the homeowners preferred contractor ) one time about the clean up on a job where the house was down in a hole with no driveway. Only access to the home was from high up on the street by foot, walking down numerous concrete steps. ( the peak of the roof was 20 ft. lower than the street. )

He wanted to know how much I charged for the clean up and getting materials down to the house. I said a thousand dollars. He said well, we can only pay 300. I said well then you can take a thousand off my bid, we will leave the trash on the ground all around the house and you can go clean it up when we are done for the 300 and I hung up.

The next day the homeowner calls to notify me that their claim had been paid in full and when can we begin work? :badgrin:

We picked up the materials on a flat bed, ran the laddervator from the flat bed down onto the roof, put some support braces in the middle, and lowered the material straight down onto the roof.

For clean up we built a large wooden box that was attatched to the laddervator and we ran the debris up and it dumped it out into the back of the dump truck at the top.