No-Caulk pip flashings

I know most ‘Professional Roofers’ use these because I’m on thousands of roofs and about 85-90% have these. These are the cheap unsightly jacks with the black rubber collar that fails long before the shingles do. Depending on how much sun they get the collars will fail in 13-18 years. If the fixture gets zero sun it might last 30 years. I see these on 50 year Presidential and Grand Sequoia and other heavyweights all the time so why would a ‘Professional Roofer’ use these? Especially on a long life shingle? Why would you put a part time component on a full time roof? They’re cheap that’s why. More money in your pocket. They actually make lead and ‘Ultimate’ pipe jacks that last. This would be a good selling point for your estimators to mention to prospective clients ( a majority of which don’t recommend their roofers ). Any Professional Roofers care to comment on this unfortunate aspect of the roofing industry? If you put these garbage unsightly parts on 50 year roofs don’t bother.

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You wont see those from a pro roofing contractor in my market, its all metal flashings here. So. California.

I see them used on occasion from solar companies who do there own roof work but not a roofing contractor. We specialize in metal so its always metal roof with metal jacks… but even comp and concrete around here get metal jacks. Too much competition around to use anything cheap like that.

I use to use lead only and thought everyone else were hacks trying to save money.

Well, lead around here fails every time if there are trees that over hang the house and a squirrel can get up there.
They chew the top of it off and then work there way down all the way to the base.

We find the best is the galvanized metal base,
With rubber gasket.
We double the rubber gasket.
It never fails.
The suns rays never has a chance to dry out and crack the undersides rubber gasket


We always use lead on premium shingle roofs but have seen failure with these also due to the softness and ability to be punctured. I agree with rooflover that a painted galvanized flashing with a secondary neoprene collar added is equivalent to lead. Your “don’t bother to respond “ comment is asinine. That means you only want comments from people who agree with you.

By the way, 50 year shingles don’t exist. I hope you don’t tell your customers that they are a thing.


A metal jack with goop around the top of it isn’t going to last any longer than a no caulk jack and if you put a rubber seal on it ,it’s still a rubber boot. Replace the no caulk jack every thirty years if your roof lasts that long