No drip edge?

Hello, I have a question about my roof. My house is 1 1/2 yrs. old and I thought I spotted a water mark on the ceiling so I went to inspect in the attic and outside. What I found out though is that there is no drip edge installed on my house. I have hardy board siding with fascia behind the gutter. If I lift the shingles where they meet the gutter, there is about 1/4" to 1/2" gap where I can see right into the attic. Basically the plywood roof sheeting does not come all the way to the fascia board and that’s where the gap is. Should this gap be here or should there have been another piece installed? It’s like this in all the spots I looked. Thanks for any info.

Is there overhang? soffit,or is fascia nailed to siding?If there is no soffit or overhang you need vented drip edge. if that is not the case you need wide face drip edge, that is if the plywood is close enough to the roof edge to install drip edge?What area are you in?

It is possible that the leak is coming from another spot. I have ripped off quite a few roofs that were young , do to improper installation…Too many, that is a hard sell. When thee roof is only 1 or 2 yrs old…

thanks for the replies. I’m in the NW Indiana area. After looking at it closer here is what I have. The beams come down and obviously the plywood on top. The plywood stops about 1/2"+ from the end then the 2x4 that is mounted to the ends of the beams is not flush with the top of the beam but is about 1/2" down from flush with top. So the plywood does not go to the edge and the 2x4 does not sit flush with the top of the truss. Nailed to the 2x4 is the trim board and then the gutter is mounted right to that. The shingles hang over the gap so rain will fall right into the gutter. problem is if that ever becomes clogged or ice dam happens. Also right near this is where 2 peaks meet so right in that corner there is a HUGE gap where the plywood does not even come close to each other. no drip edge or flashing on the entire house but in other areas, the plywood does sit flush with the front board so there is not that gap. just curious (before I have to deal with the builder) what would be the PROPER and best way to fix this. thanks again for the help.

tell em you want edge metel installed.
you should not be able to lift shingles and see
into your attic.

good luck…

Your gap is caused from: Typical:
You have Rough framing that is done when the structure is being erected. This is all the Basic Framing .
which included the Roof sheathing(wood). Typical: The Finish Carpentry or Detail work is done as one of the last items. This is where Fascia and soffit and Trim
details come to play. Sometimes the Decking is not extended to the ends of the rafters. The The Fascia is installed to the ends of the rafters. Thus a gap appears. This typically happened in older homes.

You should have Drip edge metal installed to assist in keeping the water run off from coming into the walls. This is less time consuming and cost effective.

Otherwise- shingles would have to be removed , the gap fixed. , shingles reinstalled, More Time and cost involved.