No football this week!

These little Nfl panzies cant get up for work once a week :smiley: All I want is 52 games a year, is that too much to ask? My pats will be back next season. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Oh, you mean that Sunday team that has David Thomas on it? Yeah, I guess they’re all right.

go run down your street at full speed into a parked car about 10 times and see if you want to do that 50 wks a yr.2 wks vacation

David Thomas from your area? He didnt get a lot of catches since he was third on the TE depth chart and a rookie, but he made a couple of SPECTACULAR catches. Roofboss, lol, good analogy.

My Email (aside from work) is hook_em_horns … I’m sure you can make the connection.

My other faves are Roy (The Legend) Williams, Derrick (Bolo Punch) Johnson, Michael (IHOP) Huff, Nathan (Nasty Nate) Vasher, Ahmad (Sarge) Hall, Bo (Knees? We don’t need no stinking knees) Scaife, Leonard Davis, Casey Hampton, Cory (Superman) Redding, Jonathan Scott… among others. Oh, & some guy named Vince Young.

This pic is Brian Robison mugging Rhett Bomar of all his Kia loot.

(pic below is DJ after bringing the hurt)

In his senior year, he punched the ball out of the arms of the Baylor RB & the fumbled ball went forward by about 20 yards; Baylor recovered & it was their biggest yardage gain of the entire day.

On, I am listed as NCAAFBALLROX.


We certainly appreciate The Legend up here in Detroit… Hope hes got another 20 years in him while we build for that super bowl…