No haul off / no dumpster

Okay so I’m reviewing a scope of loss and the tear off has in parentheses (no haul off) then at the end they have a scratch out of dumpster with a note that says, “This debris removal scope item was generated based on the actual weight and volume of all materials being removed from the property and includes only items that specifically exclude haul and dump fees as per the Xactimate description.”

The initial line item was “Tear off comp shingles (no haul off).”

Sooooo… are magical unicorns gonna sprinkle fairy dust on these shingles and felt and fly away with them, or am I supposed to just leave them junking up my client’s yard according to insurance? What in the actual f does this mean and how do I correct it? I’m actually looking at the worst scope I’ve ever seen, and I really believe it was done this way because my client only speaks broken English. I want to fix this for them. What’s the best way to phrase this to get that item paid? I have some ideas about other line items that I found on other feeds so I thought you guys could help me with this one too. Thanks in advance.

Scratch out means paid when incurred. You can also go back and require they change the remove line item if your crew had a dump trailer. Shouldn’t be a big deal.

Cool. Thanks. :blush:
Can you tell I’m new at this? :grin: