No ridge beam

I was surprised yesterday to find that my house hase no rigde beam. rafter ends meet each other and the deck is 1 x 16. thats it. the dormers do have a 2 x 4 as a ridge beam but nothing for the main ridge. does this complicate the installation of a ridge vent?

Some houses are built without the ridge beam, and they are perfectly strong. I build log cabins, using 4x8s for rafters, and I do not use a ridge beam, rather I butt the rafters together at the peak, just the way your house is done.
Absence of a ridge beam makes installation of a ridge vent easier, not harder. You often have to make angled cuts on a ridge beam to make a path for the air to flow.

thanks, that’s exactly the anwser I was hoping for.

very nice post this one
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make a smaller cut though,only about 1 1/2" total necessary