No ridge vents,,,caps all gone

when the caps are all detearating away to nothing, but the magority of the roof looks ok, and there are no ridge vents, ,not enough ventalation.would adding ridgevent and more attic vents help with the life of the roof ?. besides replacing all of the caps,It looks like the hot roof without the proper ventalation cooked the shingles the roof is only about 10 yrs old, well the home doesent appear to be that old… well, somone coment… thanks


What brand of shingles?

A little better description would be helpful.

ive seen this happen before were the cap shingles wear out much faster than the rest of the roof.
it was probably just a defective shingles used as cap.
so yeah if the rest of the roof is good just replace your cap.
ridge vents certianly wont hurt anything.


As far as what kind of shingle Im not sure, def not timberlines but they are some kind of architec , not 3 tabs… on this house, there are no ridgevents in a 50 ft wide area and also even on the garage the caps are fading away… totaly missing on the top roof,not from being blown away either, I think these people just need a whole new roof,besides adding rigevents also…

are you saying that they used arch.s for caps? if so…this is way wrong and def. the reason that the cap gave out early.

hey to answer that, no, the caps are 3 tabs ,worn out , they probly put a 20 year cap on a 30 yr roof on top of that , poor ventalation… the main roof has some kind of arcitecual shingle that is also starting to show sighns of age…anyway, enough of this,We live in south new jersey and are available to help out any company that has too much work !! Contact weathertight renovations…lic &ins…

If there are other vents on the roof do not put ridge vent on without first removing the other vents or you will really have a problem.

ok, what kind of problem ? So you are saying if there are any other attic vents on the roof, if we add ridge vents, we should remove the attic vents ? and why is this ?what kind of problem ? beside all of that , not really sure if there acually venting underneath the soffit… there are vented soffit but that does not mean that there are wholes cut out under the soffit,just another situation…to deal with…hey, thanks for responding…did I say that there also is a attic fan ? yes…

Ok without soffit vents the ridge vent will not work. If you have other vents on the roof you will turn them into an intake. Then comes the rain and snow in the attic. My suggestion is to tear off the roof and start over. If there is damage and the roof is showing wear. Before more problems come replace the roof.

thankyou for the advice, thats what I am trying to do , its all up to the home owner now… I will remove all other venting , add the ridgevents and inspect the soffet areas… now all I have to do is sell the job !!! The ests are in there hands now Im sure…34 sq pluse caps and starters… right before christmass ,ya we need this job… the price seems so high after you add in tax and ovehead,I know someone will be lower than we are, but i can still work that out I hope… I wish I was in a position not too worry about struff like that… thanks…well off to the first job in two weeks !!three story jacker ! lucky me…

good for you tigman.
jobs are gettin harder and harder to come by.
cherish the ones u have.



The first part of that job is. Put the sign up.