No Warranty Shingles

My neighbor had a new roof installed last week, installers left bundles of shingles. He found a label on side of shingles that said no warranty. He has not paid the contractor the remaining amount due upon completion and informed him of the problem. Contractor said he had no idea and would get back with the supplier. What should he do now?

What is stated on the written contract?

35 year warranty shingle

Ask the contractor to supply proof of product purchase from said supplier. Someone seems to have got “special sale” shingles.

The “No Warranty” shingle is most likely shingles that the manufacturer decided didn’t meet their minimum standards, and sold “As Is”. They are Economy shingles, or seconds. As for not paying contractor check the contract and see how it reads. I’d never install a shingle such as those, however the shingle warranty is between the homeowner and manufacturer, not necessarily the installer. Your neighbor needs to pay the contractor for his work unless something in the contract states otherwise.
The material installed should have been agreed upon before the contract was ever signed.

Neighbor said contract states 35 year warranty shingle…

If the purchase of the product was included as part of the contract, it would then be the duty of the contractor to ensure the product meets the specification. If so, the contractor should have asked the supplier to not supply substandard shingles and have them swapped. If the contract was to install product already purchased directly by the homeowner, that is a different story.


If the contract specifically states a 35 year warranty shingle and they installed a substandard “No Warranty” product, then they may have a valid complaint. The contractor stated he would get back with them after checking into it, I’d wait and see what they find out. Give the roofer a chance to make it right per the terms of the contract.

No warranty could be seconds, flood shingles, et al. Contractor is on the hook…

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So with the facts that have been presented, what would be a reasonable solution?

Confirm who was responsible for material ordering and hold them accountable. Quite simple.

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Wait and see how the contractor responds and give them the opportunity to resolve the issue. It’s possible they may rectify this situation themselves without needing to take further action. It sounds like your contactor is trying to look into it and willing to work with your neighbor

In my opinion the only right way to rectify this is to replace the shingles, would that be a correct assumption?

That or negotiate a settlement and pray for hail… One problem is any deck, be it plywood, osb, or t&g can only handle so many tear offs before it needs replaced.

I agree, either replacement of the shingles, or amend the contract with a cost adjustment to reflect the material installed

What would be an estimate of how long the economy shingles would last? I know a lot of that would depend on what specification the shingle didn’t pass. I’m sure this is not the first time this has ever happened to someone and won’t be the last. He just happened to be home and catch the issue.

There is to many variables to answer that on a forum like this.
Besides the shingle itself, it’s going to depend on whether or not they are installed correctly, if the attic ventilation currently used is adequate with a balance of equal air intake and exhaust to remove moist air and heat from the attic , and a number of other variables.
It may last 50 years, or it could fail in 5 years but that’s why the manufacturer sold them as is.

Here’s a good article that will better explain the life expectancy of your roof and the variables involved

Is it a white wrapper with the word, Economy shingle on it? Also, do you see the words, Delaware USA on the wrapper?

No they were branded shingles with spray paint applied to wrapper with label stuck over it