Non-pro how long to do 24 squares

How long do you think it would take for a first timer to do 24 squares? It is just a gable roof with no valleys or anything. I would have some help, but I would consider them 1/2 a person. I would pretty much do all the laying and nailing. My helper would just hand me shingles.

How much would a pro charge me for the labor only? I’m assuming you guys go by the square. The slope of the roof is 5 inches for every 12 inches of hor. It could be 6 for every 12 though. I can walk on it and feel safe.

you’re going to use G-Tape, I hope!!

I would charge around $50 a square plus tearing off, installing drip edge, ice and water shield, loading, and ridge vent.

If two good roofers each had a laborer if they got an early start it could be shingled in around lunch time. One guy with a laborer 8-10 hours.

If you haven’t done much shingle laying I’d recommend laminate shingles, pretty easy to run straight. Don’t nail too high or too low or blast through the shingles.

**“How long do you think it would take for a first timer to do 24 squares?” **

Just laying shingles? Depends on a bunch of things but I’d say you’re looking to average maybe three squares a day if you have to hump them up a ladder. Also depends on how quick you mash your left index finger, because that’s going to slow you down bad.

**“How much would a pro charge me for the labor only?” **

I have no clue where you live so I can’t even guess.

“I’m assuming you guys go by the square.”

You assume wrong. I worked my first 9 years doing piece work, those days are long over. I’m in the office now and on salary.

Sounds like a nice low slope side job for a local boy. My advice is to get a reputable, insured company to do your roof. But, if you’re really hard up for money just drive around and find a roofing crew at work. Talk cash. Don’t forget, you get what you pay for. Good luck.

Hand nailing All Week my guess With a gun maybe 3 daysIts hard work If your not conditioned and especially use to direct heat on you all day. Good luck Hope it works out


As a rule I will not price by the square but rather the man hour.

IT COULD TAKE FOREVER,ARE YOU EXPERIENCED DRIVING ROOF NAILS BY HAMMER,will you use a gun(i advise against it,less chance you`ll need the emergency room—show some pics of the roof and tell where you are

…or your abilities, I’d say you could probably nail down half a square (or better) an hour if the shingles are already on the roof.

How do you guys replace your own homes roof? Do you just have your guys do it/ do it yourself? How many people are needed to do this many squares? I usually see about 5 guys when a roofing company does them. They finish in a day and a half it looks like.

ditto rooferjosh / cerb.

i could nail it in two days myself.

you could get it done in tampa bay for 1000-1400,
and cheaper.

good luck,
snap 10" lines.
follow them.
keep the tar can a minumum of ten ft away from you,
at all times.


Gweedo what in the world is a tar can doing on the roof?

Hi Gtp1003,

Wherever you use Stormguard we use to use roof cement.

Around pipes, then lay the pipe collar in the cement. Never leak.

Against a wall where there was problems with wind driven rain. Lay the steps and shingles in cement. Never leak.

Lots of places to use cement.

In Florida it is code to use cement everywhere.

YUCK !!. Hey I think I might have ripped some these type roofs LOL. Seriously there is NO place for for a roof cement can on a shingle job. maybee some tubes of tabseal in the winter but thats about it.


I think Gweedo was kidding.

In any case I have to agree with RJ, there is no reason to put tar on a new roof. Yes GAF says to cement shingles into the valley, blahbbity blah. Crop cut your valleys be they open or closed and they won’t leak. THE exception is if I am forced to use a skylight with a gang (1 piece) flashing on a pitched surface. That bad boy gets set in enough tar that the next guy is going to need C-4 to blow it off the roof. I hate tar and don’t like caulk much either. All my reglets get motar then painted with sealant, any kind of goop is a last resort.

[quote=“Tar Monkey”]I think Gweedo was kidding.

I hate tar[/quote]


for reglets we like to use Tremco Dymonic. color Limestone.

I’m not a big fan of Geocell, don’t know why I’ve just never liked it. Dymonic I like and will use but I just can’t bring myself to shoot it in a reglet. Some things I guess I’m just really old school about. I can mortar almost as fast as most people can caulk so it’s not a time thing. Besides if you caulk over copper you need to make sure you have vinegar in the truck to clean the copper with otherwise the foctory oil on it prevents the urethane from adhereing to it properly. Found a lot of leaks because of that. Not to mention I’d MUCH rather be full of mortar than caulking, lol. Some of that crap takes days to get off unless you use gasoline.

YO!,YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO CLEAN AND LET DRY WHATEVER YOU CAULK!and be neat w/the gun :stuck_out_tongue: