North Florida rates

I am a GC who just got his roofing license. I am curious what to pay my crews. I have been talking to some sub crews and the numbers are not making sense. I know that the prevailing rate for new construction is around $45/sq and re-roof is around $95/sq (residential shingle labor only) and around $100/sq and $200/sq for labor and material. That is what I’d be getting paid, what should I be paying the crews???

I am a very small GC who managed to have the experience requirements to go for the GC instead of building or residential here in FL…I have done mostly residential new/renovation and small commercial and small mixed use…

Im not from that area and have no clue what the going rates are down there wish i could help.

I’m also a GC with my roofing license and I don’t pay any more than $30/sq. for new …$40 for tear off … $40 to lay new underlayment and reroof . Hope that helps you .(central florida rates )

Thanks for the help…I have finally cut through all the BS and got some real numbers…they make sense finally. Now I just gotta get the work!!!

good luck avc roofer

We pay our crew/subs, 16-18% of the total contract amount here in Pinellas/Pasco. And of course less -50.00 per job for future service issues in case the sub doesnt hang in there with us for the long haul…florida is so transient its best to C.Y.A.

It all depends on what your doing, I know people that pay $18 and hour and I know people that pay $9 an hour, paying by the SQ usually runs at $20 for 7/12 and below and $25 for anything higher than a 7/12 but the average pay rate for a roofer in NWF is about $12-$13 an hour. Dont forget that Workmans Comp is around .49 on the dollar too.