Northwest Storm Killed My Roof

Northwest Storm Killed My Roof

Can’t I just just take the insurance money and go fishing?
It’s an old roof. I’m not staying in this house much longer. I’m a total rookie roofer-wannabe but I’ve done a re-roof before with guidance. I’m the do-it-yourself price shopper that nobody gets to make any money on. LOL. I’m in sales but bought my first car in my early teens doing remodeling and construction. I’m a jack of all trades but NOT a professional roofer. I’m not even a roofer hahaha!

I’m just not the customer I’d like to encounter. I like the lay-down easy customer good deal for all but that’s not me in this case. I gotta make 2.5k MAX work to put on a halfway decent roof before selling this house.

I’m gonna do it with some help from friends and one experienced roofer. He pretty much says that he’d rather do a roof right but with my budget, I’m gonna have to overlay. The last overlay I did was ten years ago and it’s still leak-free, but every house is different. I know a second layer is frowned upon but, it-is-what-it-is with the budget. Oh yeah, probably gonna torch down the patio but that slope is almost nil, the edges are built up so it pools a bit, and I’ve never torched down before. I’ll leave that to my pal.

Like a couple other forums that have enhanced my life, I come here to mingle with you experts willing to share information. I want to thank you all in advance for your advice and input.

LOL, looks like an easy do-it-yourself roof :twisted:

Good luck bro

Oh andif I was your insurance company you would get a new roof, but the depreciation would be about 90% or just under our deductable.

And another thing, quit fishing so much and clean your yard up, no one wants to live next to that mess.

talking $ from your insurnce company and fishing with it is fraud!besides who will buy a house with a damaged roof on it?the only one your gonna hurt on this one is you.that house sure looks like you know all about the construction your kids like the mold yet? expert advice costs $ . do any of your pro fishing buddies tell you where the good holes are??? :smiley:

That roof was dead long before the storms of this year. Half of the tear off is done already you would do well to finish it.

Tear it off. IKf you do it yourself, although you risk a lot, you MIGHT be able to get a cheapo system on there for that price. How big is it?

if your gonna add a layer to that, i will offer no advice because you are going to totally screw the next owner!! it is also gonna look like crap if you go ove r a roof that bad. dont even attempt a torch or you’ll burn down the house. and i can almost guarantee a leak at the transition of the patio. do it right the first time!!