Not roofing, just a homeowner right now

any of you have any experience maybe working on your own homes on restoring horse-hair plaster walls? everyone keeps telling me just to sheet rock over it, but in order to do that I’d have to remove all the trim which is really nice once I refinish it, and I don’t possess the carpentry skills to duplicate some of the rounded moldings.

I’ve stripped all the wallpaper off and started filling all the holes and cracks etc. with all-purpose compound, but the existing plaster is not really a paintable surface, so I’ve started skim-coating it with that all purpose compound to try to get it looking smooth like glass again. Its kinda working, but it’s taking forever. Think it would be worth it to hire a plasterer to skim coat over it?

I’m looking for a quick solution to get the nagging wife off my butt, she’s so impatient or I’d just continue what I’m doing which is a long process since I obviously cant sand wet compound and its requiring many, many coats and sanding.

get some bids. whats the worst that could happen…you will know how much it cost?


Hire someone to do it. You are better off installing another roof to pay for it.

You can also paint the wallpaper. If you paint the wallpaper. Some spots may look like a blister. Just let it go. When it dries they go away.

Just stay away from my horses if you need to patch the walls…