Notice asphalt in granules

When it gets hot, I notice some shine from the shingles when installing them. I notice that it looks like asphalt or tar around the granules. It looks like either they didn’t put enough granules in certain spots or that the weight of the other shingles stacked on top of them kind of pressed the asphalt to the surface. I noticed this on my OC shingles and noticed them on GAF Timberlines. I was wondering if this was normal or a defect.

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The staining you are talking about is normal, it is from the way the shingles are packaged and stacked.
It will go away after the first good rain.

Timberlines tend to have a lot of loose granules in the packages, makes the roof slippery…
IMO Timberlines are the 4th or 5th best shingle on the market, for whatever that is worth.