Now i am pisse off

DID you hear that some high school in California that the students took down the American flag and hung the mexican flag and then hung the American flag up side down and all you guys out there hireing these ilegally arent helping stop hireing tell them get the fuck out i know you were thinking it but i have the balls to say it

hey swamp,
aint read ya in awhile.
mexican took my job too.
the whole countrys a mess.


Jersey, it’s MY opinion that you have grown tiresome & your complaints, while initially valid in some components, have become to much for this board. IMO.

  1. If @ all, it should be under the “Roofing Business” tab & not Technique.

  2. There are thousands of other bbs / forum groups that are better suited for your postings.

What’s a pisse?

I think that is how a wife gets when she is told that 35 pairs of shoes is enough.

Thought that was what you do when you check for leaks

Gweedo you lost your job? when did that happen and why? If so sorry to hear.

dont know bout the rest of the country,
but in central florida 06 the housing market crashed,
combined with no heavy rains, combined with shingles
that last alot longer, reduced the amount of roofing jobs needing to be done.
the few jobs left are being roofed by mexicans,
or worse the company owners themselves.

so without the influx of spanish labor,
one could say i would have more jobs.

but the lack of rain , to me, is the bigger problem.
all my life , here in florida , we had afternoon
showers everyday in the summer, and now we hardly get a sprinkle.
rain has to fall for days before people get tierd
of it and call a roofer.
it has to fall for days before it makes the mexicans roofs leak. creating a desire for local roofers.
that hasnt happened since mid 06.
i think we were down ten inches from our average
last year.

so to help supplement the few roofs ive done in town ive had to go all over the state lately,
to find work.
thank god for the internet.

if yall look at the radar youll see our first rain of the year is coming sat & sun, and again it looks like
it wont be much.

one more thing i forgot.
years ago my price was a hell of alot cheaper than a company, and now i cant beat the company prices,
theyve come down so much.

im concered and scared for the future, but i live in a wonderful place surrounded by great freinds and family, so im not worried. ive allready had a better
life than alot of people in this world.
so youll here no complaints from me.


Your the man Gweedo

Gweedo sorry to hear that but you have to be a surviovor to be in the roofing bussiness and it sounds like you are i hope the best for you. And for those out there tired of my rants about the mexicans i wont stop thats the problem people sat bye and let this happen now its time to step up stick together and get rid of them

Swamp / John,

I didn’t say I was tired of your rants… I said there are better places for it.

The problem is not Mexicans, they are just seeking a better life and feel they can achieve it here.
You can’t blame them for that.
The problem is that our Government turns a blind eye to all of this.
There are laws, our government chooses not to enforce them effectively.
Or the Government selectively enforces them.

There are groups of people that simply want to visit America, a vacation.
Our Government simply will not grant them visas.
These are successful educated people, but our Government locks them out.
For some reason our Government treats Mexicans differently.

When you vote for candidates that want to give drivers licenses to illegals you are approving this policy.
When you vote for candidates that allow illegals to receive Government benefits you are supporting this policy.

It is not the Mexicans fault, they just want a better life for their families, just like anybody else.
Focus on the cause, not the result.


Winner, winner… chicken dinner.

from another forum…

“…the majority of young american males think that a construction job is just a place to go and get high and fart around for awhile. …”

" …the mexicans show up and are ready to work, they aren’t taking our jobs, wer’e GIVING the jobs away. …"

No truer words have been said.

[quote=“ranger88”]from another forum…

“…the majority of young american males think that a construction job is just a place to go and get high and fart around for awhile. …”

" …the mexicans show up and are ready to work, they aren’t taking our jobs, wer’e GIVING the jobs away. …"

No truer words have been said.[/quote]

I disagree with that statement(for the most part lol) I have several good employees that show up everyday ready to do good quality work. And I don’t employ any illegals. There are still people willing to work you just need to find them and do whatever you have to to keep them. My employees are what sets my company apart from my competitors. Encourage your goverment to enforce illegal immigration and encourage your fellow competitors not to hire them.

Axiom said it all!!! it’s not them it’s us.

i think theres truth in everyones comment…
i worked for a roofer right out of high school, he fired a different person almost every week and hired a new one the next… he wouldn’t even call them or tell them, he waited till they showed up for work on monday morning. after wondering when it was going to be our turn, the entire repair division and shingle divisions quit on him in the middle of a cleaning job that lasted all week.
if the companies treated the workers better perhaps the workers would stay with the company. its ahole employers to blame because they hire them, pay shit, and treat them how ever they want to because they are ready to work hard everyday… but who says others are not. others do the same shit the illegal immagrants do. they just get paid less so it could be less of a lose to the company.