NRCA and today

NRCA, I believe, and am well studied to do so, supports the hiring of immigrants. They don’t cross the threshhold of saying illegal, but lets face it, thats whay they really mean.

Now, due to recent negative response to political subjects, let me reiterate my concerns while trying not to offend anyone. It would be equally beneficial to me for illegals to be made legal.

As I’ve said many times before, it is not racial reasons that motivate me. It is the belief that this should all be a level playing field.

Turning a blind eye allows somebody with nothing to lose and everything to gain to capitalize on an illegal situation. It promotes shady characters, so to speak.

If somebody is legally employable and I’m not risking my entire life to get them, it opens up competition for service, and as an American, I’m all for that. The best legal man for the job should get the job, at a salary comparable to the local market, given good community standing.

The illegal facet aside, I feel that all that seperates me from anyone is hard work, humility, knowledge, and communication. If there is no longer this uneven playing field though, your differences as a consumer can be as subtle as who is most impressive in an interview and investigative situation. Just like going for a job…

The current layout of the system renders me a victim of a socialist government, in my eyes. They want me to surrender my American heritage right of fair employment for the “well being” of the world and geopolitical aspirations. All the while, further differentiating the gap between the rich and the poor.

Let’s clear one thing up. I too would like to become rich. I would like to do so with a clean conscience. I’ve come off as attacking the immigrants, which was somewhat misguided, because the real problem is and always has been the guy in this to make a quick buck, and screw HONEST hard working people.

So, for the way I’ve come off about it, I apologize. But I will not apologize for recognizing a growing and true problem…


What studies do you have that show the NRCA supports the hiring of illeagl’s???

Every and any study I’ve done in the last 4 to 5 months since this somehow just reached my desk.I’m too lazy to research again right here on the spot, but I will show you tomorrow. NERCA has all but blatantly said that theyre all for illegal immigration and that this country couldn’t live without it. I find those to be harsh words… they too have stereotyped a white boy like me. NERCA has seen some numbers that reflect the biggest housing and real estate boom this country has ever seen, and thus one of the largest construction booms. Just wait until this country gets its teeth on how badly we’ve been sold down the river. For every Democrats point of view there is a willing Republican, but I really don’t see anyone seriously stepping up to the plate on this one. Actually, I’ve narrowed down democrat minded candidates that have a realistic view on this issue and the Sub Prime crash, because they are todays crisis’. The war in Iraq, is clearly number one this time around, because it’s an unwinnable war against people with no regards to their own lives… lets not argue about gay boys kissing anymore, frankly, they have little to do with me or you. They’re a distraction from real issues in life…

obviously the organization won’t say it supports illegals, here it says they’re lobbying to allow them to come here legally … ation.aspx

in this one he insinuates support for them

I’ve seen others also, but that ought to get you you started.

There’s no doubt in my mind the NRCA supports the illegal immigrant side of the issue. As a member I too have a problem with this. In fact I sent in my dues last year just a week before Bill Good came out w/ his editorial in Professional Roofing magazine in support of it. I would not have renewed otherwise

True, very true, he/you and I can use plenty of words to obfuscate the true meaning of what we are saying, but it’s really blatant and obvious what he is talking about to anyone who has had the slightest exposure to this issue.

On this issue, Bill Good and the NRCA does not speak for me

Here’s the problem with American roofers…there aint any. No American citizen wants to roof anymore. Too hard, Too dirty, gotta be at work everyday, etc.

With the huge lack of workers willing to do this work, they are saying that the illegals could be made legal and assimilate into the legal, contributing workforce.

Could this be worse than it is now, on this particular issue for the particular problem?

I am certainley less worked up about it than I was last year Aaron.
Simply put the pressure is now on the worker to work for less. In a couple of years it will be the contractor who will be working for wages, except for the ncihe markets.
Will they lower my dues?
Will my health insurance go down?
Is the price of land dropping?
Is the ocst of new vehicles going down?
Where’s that line at the grocery store taht says: ROOFERS 50% OFF EVERYTHING
The gooberment: NO TAXES FOR ROOFERS (ok we know that one is true)
But where is the bottom? $22,000 a yr. & no bennies? $19,000?

Simply put, the problem is less in the production than in the pricing

Simply put, lie cheat and steal to thrive. If that’s what the NRCA wants for its members, that’s all who will be able to afford their dues anyway.
Better print the whole works in Spanish.

Simply put, the problem is less in the production than in the pricing.

With crap pricing, illegal this and illegal that, yes it is true, we aren’t going to attract a quality workforce unless of course they come from a culture of “illegal this and illegal that”.

Aw heck. Just shoot me

Good articles S&GR. The bottom line is that it is all about the numbers. Yes record #'s of houses being built. No one speaks a word about quality or energy in-efficiency.
Yes, lot’s of sq’s. getting put on. Just as quality as before.
Yes more of this and more of that.
Yes more chit going to the landfills than ever before from every minor invisible piece of “hail damaged roofs”. But good for business and uses more fuel too.

It isn’t hard at all to see the mfger’s. hand in all of this. Just sell the chit boys. Bottom line.
Doesn’t make them evil, it’s just the way it is. Not real smart to run the quality driven and honest people out of this industry. But oh well. Just sell the chit boys


I read the articles.

The two of you are going to have to help me. I could not find the things you stated.

Severance buddy calm down. The last few post you have are full of hate it seams. I know the market is hard but relax man your going to have a stroke if you dont calm down. If you need to talk pm and and i will call you and i might be able to help you out. Relax we all are having similar problems.

I’ve calmed down as much as I could. The prices dropped so low that I couldn’t get paid. I left roofing. I started a job on Friday. I’m all done. I still have a nest egg for any of my roofs that fail, and all my bills are paid. I’ve got no reason to stick around. All I’ve done roofing in the last year is waste my time giving estimates I had no chance of landing, because the gap between doing it right and doing everything illegally is huge! My bills kept coming and coming, and I’ve got a ridiculous amount of loans I’ve taken to pay them.

I want these people IMPRISONED that are hiring them. If people come to their senses, maybe I’ll come back. I’m making the same money landscaping for somebody as a roofing company will pay me, and I’m working right next to illegals still (I’m on the books). But guess what, I’ve never done it before and I’m still better than them at landscaping. Stronger, more durable, and smarter. As long as people want to keep referring to roofers as “unskilled,” I’m going to watch from the outside and laugh. It’s not hate, it’s recognizing injustice. I’m fighting an unwinnable battle here. I will not work hard AND lose everything in life. I just won’t do it.

I knew a guy once that pulled out a wad of cash and said to me, “working mans a sucker Mike.” He sold drugs and I dismissed it, because I knew he was going to jail. That was like 5 years ago and he’s still not in jail. Now roofing companies are doing the same thing to me. It’s not FAIR!

So, whatever, I’ll take my 18 bucks an hour and demand sixty hours a week. And I’ll be there sober, and on time, and ready to outwork the entire crew everyday. At least with doing this crap I’m not risking my life everyday, too. Now I’ll fit the bill and be an unskilled worker.

thats good money for a landscaper.

It is typical around here for Americans. The cost of living is really high here. California high, almost. It still doesn’t even come close to paying my mortgage, I’m lucky my wife has a great job. 8 years ago Foremen made like 30-35 an hour roofing here, now they make 18. Something definitely wrong here.

It does suck but like yeah, it’s like the blue people don’t want to roof but they want cheap labor and the purple people are starving and they are like ok “me do!”. So the few blues that are willing to bust ass AND give good quality are screwed. You can’t fight human nature, everyone wants something for nothing.

For Lefty:
Essential Worker Immigration Coalition
"A Path to earned legal status for 12 million undocumented immigrants"

i agree w/ twill ,s+g,+tarface

Severence I know how you feel ? I have a 100% anglo american work force and proud of that fact. in the past few years many have succumbed to the cheap labor of illegal aliens “just like the cotton plantations of old” I wont play that game and my customers appreciate it. Learn to make lemons into lemonade and sell a better product and installation. I have unskilled helpers at 18 an hour, Journymen Roofers anywhere from 25 to 35 and they work all year. If you ever come south of Boston maybee we should have coffee.


[quote=“RooferJ”]Severence I know how you feel ? I have a 100% anglo american work force and proud of that fact. in the past few years many have succumbed to the cheap labor of illegal aliens “just like the cotton plantations of old” I wont play that game and my customers appreciate it. Learn to make lemons into lemonade and sell a better product and installation. I have unskilled helpers at 18 an hour, Journymen Roofers anywhere from 25 to 35 and they work all year. If you ever come south of Boston maybee we should have coffee.


You are right, and I have to respect the image you portray. If all that work on that website of yours was done by you, that is fantastic work. I might take you up on that cup of coffee.

Any bitterness I may portray on here comes from looking at whats happening here on the North Shore, and the quality is less, and the craft is de-evolving. The average roof job I see is way below acceptable to me. No matter what you say though, it’s tough staring down the barrell of a half-bid estimate, because sometimes there is just the bottom line, and that bottom-line seems to be happening more often.

You also seem to have an established bloodline in the art of roofing, whereas I’m first generation. I learned from a hardcore, roughneck, 3’rd gen. He was really smart for a roofer, to be honest with you. He understood pretty complicated physics, and such. He taught me how to master my body, and how to be confident, and to get everything perfect as fast as possible. He had amazing systems for doing it right and banging them out. He would never, ever tolerate a slacker, and he could spot them immediately. He fired people in two hours sometimes. I spent five years under that Imperialistic Regime!

We need to get roofing back up here (on the North Shore). Real roofing, not hack-n-slash. Hardcore, go to work and eat the roof, roofers!

I’m pretty smart for a roofer. :?

Yes, you are.