Number of nails per shingle

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I have asked a few questions and I appreciate everyones answers - this site is very helpful.

one more question:

I am putting down a 50 yr arch shingle. It seems like I read that you should use 6 nails per shingle. When I talked with a potential installer, he informed me that they use 4 nails per shingle.

What is the industry standard / correct number of nails? Does the shingle warranty require a certain number of nails

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ShingleHitter, the really (really) funny thing is that if customers read the instructions printed on bundles, about 25% of us roofers would probably be out of business.

Check the wrapper of whatever shingle you’re looking @ - it will tell you how many nails & where they should be placed.

For ‘most’ Dimensional shingles, you are supposed to put 4 nails ea. & by the time you get another course installed, you end up with 8 total (4 in the center & 4 in the top.

go to whatever shingles you are going to pick web site. for instance it should tell you there. to my knowledge to get the full wind rating you need 6 per shingle (in the nail line)

I agree with marshall. 6 per shingle + the 6 from the next shingle is the proper way for a full wind warranty. Not sure on there spec since it is an OC shingle. I would install 6 nails per shingle if it was me.

Certainteed ups the Landmark 30 wind warranty from 70mph to 80mph when going from 4 to 6 nails.

Running four nails works pretty good from what I’ve seen in the past 4 years laying laminates and when running 6 nails your more than likely to have nails in the shingle butt’s.

Certainteed allows nailing the area above the laminte section. I’d rather have 4 nails in the thick part than 20 in the thin part. Nail placement with laminates is huge, it’s not how many but were there placed.

typically its 4 nails on the line equidistant on a walkable roof,6 nails on a scaffold pitch or high wind area,w/those the extra 2 nails are placed about 2 "to the sides of the 2nd and 3rd nails respectively--forget that crap about nails in the shingletop,it doesnt concern placement as when you install your nails on the nail line,they end up in the headlap of the shingle below automatically

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Minimum is 4 - we use 5 on walkable roofs and 6 on non-walkabale.

The key to nailing is of course using the right amount but more importantly is that they are placed correctly in the shingle.

you will get a better roof if you concern yourself with each nail being
properly installed (hits wood, rite depth, in nail line, etc. ), instead of how many are installed.


4 on regular area. 5 on a areas with alot of wind. 2 on a t lock.