O&P - To be presumptuous or not

When do you add O&P onto your Xactimate estimate?

A) Throw it all at the wall and see if it sticks.
B) Only when certain factors are present. (please list factors)
C) Never, because I don’t like money.

O & p none of them like it but when you have to cordnate 3 or more trades .example, roofers ,Siders,gutters ,drywall ,metal,ect.its 10 per.overhead and 10 per.proffit. that is figured from RCV.i always include on supliment if I’ve got multiple trades for supliment. Hope that helped

Common insurance company arguments are 3 trade rule and complexity requirement. Neither is in the policy or in most state laws. If you are a GC I suggest asking for it on every job. Here’s a link to a helpful whitepaper published by Xactware



Thank you for the information. Very helpfully. I’m in litigation with all the big co.in this disaster zone and the adjusters are not doing good at all .I’m having to go back to the same job two 3 times and staying bored down with paper work can I charge them for an extra charge for doing this I know it’s a tactic and it’s costing a lot of money 2 ways .not to mention not helping people that has been misplaced

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