OC shingles

I keep hearing more and more about the continous tar strip. Does anyone have any pics of evidence of shingles holding water and nails rusting? What is the rough time frame it takes for these nails to rust out? Has anyone had luck dealing with OC? I can only think of 2 jobs I’ve used them on but I’m curious.

It happens to All architect shingles when you install them on the incorrect pitch…

that would be every OC roof. the nails rust out, the seal strip does and will trap water.

that would be durations,I put on oakridge when we use OC no continous strip on them

Durations are the one with the “surenail” strip right?

I use OC Durations. I have not had a problem of nails rusting.

Ive wondered about that myself although never exp.it,oc does have the best seal down that stuff will grab at 40 degrees! I havent put 3tabs on in so long I think I forgot how to!! I have had 30 yr oc leak on low pitch due to that,you have to use ice &water under them,and that wont last long.I like metal for low pitch

yes duration are the ones with the surnail strip,oakridge are normal architect 30yr shingles

surenail my a$$

not sure dont us em im just a salesman. Certainteed.

Sure nail works for its intended purpose.

The nails dont shoot through. They dont shoot half way through. They shoot flush.

Sure wish i could try out malarky shingles here in florida…

ive quit using oc because of solid strip.
im usin gaf elk.
they have a nice spotted sealant strip.
which is very important to let water escape.
oc will go back to spotted strip eventually.


Im with you Gweedo. I will boycott them untill they fix there problems and make good on the claims. I have seen the problem myself on several occasions. I would prefer IKO over OC. The regular GAF Timberlines seal much better than the OC Durations. We roof all winter so I know this for sure.

has anyone gotten OC to foot the bill to fix a roof with this problem?