OC shingles

I have been installing GAF with no problems yet… what is your opinion on Owens Corning ??? this supplier just wont stop calling me about it … I really dont wanna switch brands but he is all saying they will also certified me and give me extended warranties …


You would cave in to high preasure sales???

Lol … no thats why i ask the reputation of those shingles… but tx for the warning …lol

Ill just stick to GAF seems likegt and Aaron have a good reputation of them also

I dont care of OC. First choice is Certainteed then GAF. After that i wont shingle it.I would ask this guy who keeps calling what on earth is so specail of these shingle that you would call me how ever many times to tell me to use them. Whats your commission or kick back on them???


I have been installing GAF for 25 years. I am also a Master-Elite contractor.

I will install other brands if a customer wants them. There are some I will not. IKO and Atlas are 2 that I will not.

Owens Corning I would install if a customer asked for them.

hey Q,
im also a GAF authorized company. i have had nothing but success with GAF as a product and as a company. in my climate OC will tend to streak on the north face in just a few years. it would be my 3rd or 4th pick.

tx guys for your replies … they been helpfull :smiley:

Get technical with the rep. How are OC shingles made exactly down to each molecule of each process. What is the quality of the asphalt used in them. Why is OC sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot but not the other brands? Also check the quality of the fiberglass mat for cold weather forming. Is the sealing strip closed? This is one thing I heard about OC but haven’t inspected them yet. This could trap water and that’s bad.

Sam Bailey
Leak Chasers Roofing

SAm, you are exactly right, the solid tar strip MAY trap water. I have seen this many times, mainly with 3 in 1s I have only seen it one time with the Oakridge style. The trapped water is usually at a valley. I have brought the problem up a few times with the OC rep and their technical department and they put on the stupid act. They act as if it was the first time they ever heard of the problem…I guess the whole, “deny, deny, deny.” is their attitude.

Other than that I think they are a great shingle and I have never had any other problems with them. If it is a gable roof, with no dormers, they would be my second pick.

This is also the only problem I have with OC Supremes. I like the Oak Ridge though.

I wonder why they cant make the sela strip intermittent.