Off Ridge Roof Vent with Lip & Flange

I just had a new roof installed and one of my off ridge vents is different and has a flange in front of it. I am not a roofer but it looks like water will pool at the bottom the way they installed it.

I called them about it but have not heard back yet so I wanted to ask some experts about it before I see them.

Thanks in advance for any advice! Scott

It’s part of the design of the vent to help with air exhaust.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply, Axiom! My other three did not have that flange in front and were flush with the shingles so it looked odd to me. If you look at the bottom corners of the vent, do you think water will seep under the shingles since the vent bottom is lower than the shingles? Thanks again for your help!

It appears to be installed correctly, you should have no problems with it.

Sometimes suppliers run out of stuff and send like products as replacements everything should match but such is the way things are.

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Whew, glad to hear it! Thanks again for your help, Axiom! It is greatly appreciated!

The purpose of the flange at the bottem is not to help with air exhaust.

The purpose is to deflect wind driven rain.
When rain is blowing hard and sideways, it travels up the roof and will blow inside these box vents.

I install them on jobs where the back of the house face the ocean, river or lake.

Before these were made ,
I would fabricate my own deflector.

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Thanks for the info roof_lover! We live in Florida so we get a lot of rain. My worry is that the deflector bottom is not flush with the shingles and I’m afraid water running down the roof will pool at the bottom of it.

No worries!
As Long as there is sealant applied on top of the fasteners that holds down the bottom of the vent.