Off topic but smoking

Well today i try and quit smoking. So far i have a bad attitude. Lucky for me i dont see anyone other than the office people today. Drop offs suck but im trying this pill chantex or something like that. They say there is a 70% chance of quitting and at 70 bucks a week it will be nice to not have a bill like that a month. Hell its a car payment. My wife asked me to quit and when we got married i got insurance and well got the pills. I have to take them for 12 weeks. Doc said quit in 2 weeks im trying in 1 week from starting to take the pill.

good luck :slight_smile:

yo GTP - keep working in the roofing field in Michigan at least and you will be driven back to smoking the way the economy and the low ballers are these days here in Michigan.

On a brighter note… i had a friend try what you mentiioned and she hasn’t smoked in 9 months… Good luck with that !

I quit 14 months ago and never looked back. Good luck.

4 years …cold turkey from 2 packs a day to zero…instantly. i firmley believe it is all in your head and you are addicted to the motions of smoking. i chewed lots of sugar free gum to keep my mouth occupied. i have never had a craving since day one!!! however…i did gain 50 :expressionless:

My wife used that Chantex or Chantix (sp) and quit after a short slow down period and now has 3 months under her belt.

I only made it 1 month, but I tried without the prescription.


Yea i am having a slow down period. 2 packs a day to less than 1 in 1 day is pretty good.

well it seems like your doin ok.
hopefully all the freindly interaction
with all the members here will help ya smoke less.

good luck.


I quit 20 yrs ago. @ $2,000 per yr, that is over $40,000 I’ve been able to play with :wink:

GTP (& any of you who are trying to quit), you are certainly doing the right thing in trying to stop.

I don’t know too much about the drug you’re using - ChantEx (that’s an E not an I); it’s only been on the market here in the US since May of '06. I do know it has a few documented side effects, but I think you might already be familiar with them…

* Nausea **(roof prices already are making you sick)**
* Headache **(had a problem customer lately?)**
* Vomiting **(how about that steamrolling by the Iggles over the Detroit Longhorns?*)**
* Flatulence **(avoid Mexican food with beans)**
* Insomnia** (low prices keeping you up @ night?)**
* Abnormal dreams** (ever have that dream where you think you're a roofer god among men?  Well Gweedo does...)**
* Dysgeusia (alteration in taste)** (you suddenly have an urge to install IKO shingles & suggest "Surf Blue" to all your customers).**

But seriously; My Mom has been smoking cessation teaching classes for the American Lung Association going on 30 years now & I’ve taught a few myself. I don’t know how this particular drug interacts with nicotene (or any of the other FOUR THOUSAND different chemicals in cigarettes, however the way this drug works is to block the nicotene receptors in your brain.

One of the reasons people smoke is not just the chemical dependency (nicotene) which is called a physical habit, but also the actions of smoking & what makes you want to smoke OTHER than the drop off in nicotene levels in your system… these are called the EMOTIONAL habit.

The emotional side of it is what triggers you to want a smoke; do you usually have the same process when you get up in the morning, i.e. coffee with a smoke on the back porch? Always light up as soon as you start your drive to somewhere in the AM? A usual convenience store on your normal route where you get a cuppa joe? Those are outward things you do have control over.

Cold turkey really is best. Better to have you an a$$hole to everyone for 2 weeks than a pain in the neck for a few months while you try to taper off (which really doesn’t work all that well for 99% of the population). The faster you can interrupt the chemical side (nic) the better. One thing, though - as soon as you started smoking “for real” back whenever it is you started (prob. high school), your brain built receptors it never had, receptors built EXCLUSIVELY for nicotene. Once you stop smoking, they’re never going away & sit there waiting for the next light up (or dip or chew or cigar or pipe if you do that type). That is why it only takes ONE cig to get you hooked again. Those receptors are like beggars who sit in your brain just waiting for you to fill 'em up with loose change. *These receptors never EVER ever go away & that’s why you really can’t have “just one”. *

It would take WAY too much space here for me to be able to help you or anyone else; if any of you want, send me a PM or Email & I’ll give you my phone # - feel free to call me with questions or if you need help in staying smoke free.

Here’s my FREE tip on how to quit: make a little sheet that’s just a bit smaller than a pack of smokes, then slide it down the side of your cigs. When you smoke, write down the date, time, place & what your mood was before you lit up (happy, sad, blah, nothing special, etc). This will help you to see if there are any patterns & you’ll also be amazed @
a) how often you smoke
b) what triggers you TO smoke

Good luck.

*Detroit has something like 5 Texas Longhorns on their starting roster, the best wide reciever among them, in Roy Williams.

never smoked cigarettes but I do admit I like a good cigar now and then with a glass of port or a scotch.

i would enjoy it too…if it looked like this!!

How on God’s green earth did you get a picture of my girlfriend!

Ridge, I want a free roof or I’m telling your wife.

Dude, that’s not the kind of women you marry. She’s obviously high maintance, and in today’s world there are no extened maintance coervages available for wifes.

This women stays my girlfriend, end of story! hehe

  1. I couldn’t date a woman that smokes.

  2. Her toes are waaaaaaaay too long. She looks like she could hang upside down from the shower curtain rod.

But hey have her gargle a bottle of Listerine and slam some Doc Marten boots on her scarey toes and we can play for a bit.

Hows that quiting smoking going?

I quit smoking 42 years ago when I came into this world. My Mother was a chain smoker, back then it was OK to smoke while pregnant. She kept on smoking like that until last year, only quiting long enough to have 3 more kids.

Because her and my Dad were non-stop smokers, because our house and everything in it always smelled like smoke, because way back then, us kids used to roll their smokes with a machine and repack them into old cigerette boxes, I have never even put a lit cigerette to my lips.

My Mom quit last year. My Dad came down with throat cancer 2 years ago on Dec.20th. 1 year of radiation, chemo, a feeding tube, losing 45 lbs, looking like a walking skeleton, and as soon as the docs said he was ok, he started smoking again. THE DAY they said he was OK!!!

But then he was never really very smart.

Sometime when people complain about price when they live in ahouse that costs 400k + it just burns my azz when they compain on what it costs. I had a guy so cheap he did not want to tear off his roof but recover curling shingles in a house that is over 500k. I told the guy i was sorry to hear he could not afford me. He flipped and i just walked to my truck not listening to a word he said. I have had it with cheap people.

Smoking is going ok. Mad was today. 2001 my business went under with the 911 attack. Many of you know that some dont. Well i get a call from an old customer, mind you i changed my cell number concidering the roofs warranty is over. An ex friend gave her my cell number and then his spineless ass would not pick up his phone. WHat a &^%& ^&%@*. Well come to find out the flat roof on this roof that i did the wind caught an area of torchdown and brought it up and it leaked. Well some well mind morron went up there with brad nails to nail it back down. There must be 200 holes in it now. Well since i feel bad for the lady and i have repect for my ex friends father i will charge only materals. I must have rocks in my head.

Funny how that works, seems like the people that have plenty of money are less willing to part with it…
The only bounced checks I have gotten in over 12 yrs of business came from doctors and lawyers, go figure.
They got so much money they can’t keep track of how much is in which account.
Must be nice…

I don’t understand the thinking of these people sometimes, they will spend 12k on an end table but are not willing to spend 20k on their 60 sq cut up pig of a roof.
“can’t ya just go over it”?
When ever I hear the phrase “can’t ya just…” I am thinking can’t ya just do it right…

They will pay a landscaper 10k a year to maintain their estate and that ain’t nothing to them…
But to pay a roofer for a roof that is going to last for 20 - 30 yrs they want the best price…

I am used to it by now, but they are not all like that.
A big part of sales in this business is choosing\accepting the right customers.
Yes I know that is a luxury that we all don’t enjoy, myself included.
A job that is just endless headaches is not worth doing.
We all lose jobs to the lowballers, but I am of the opinion that “you get what you pay for”.
When the lowballers roof fails and he\they don’t come back to fix it, or simply can’t fix it you need a real roofer and now your cheap roof cost just as much if not more than the guy that would have done it right in the first place.
And you have water damage to boot…
What a deal.

In my area the poor economy has driven a lot of the jack-legs to other trades.
The easy new construction has disappeared and they have no sales skills or established reputation to rely on so a lot of them are gone.
There are plenty of roofs that need to be repaired though.
Some just need flat out replacement.
And they aren’t that old…

Hopefully it is an easy repair for you, it isn’t always about money…
People will know that you stand by your work, regardless, this is worth a lot.
I have gotten quite a few jobs over the years by doing free repairs, they are usually very easy and people tend to remember you first when a roof question comes up.
It pays in the end, sometimes it takes a while…
But I plan on being in business for a while.

Tomorrow is another day, if you have made it this far with no smokes you are on the way to succeeding at something that is important, I wish you the best.