Off topic my mother please read

Well we had to rush mom to the hospital yesterday. She has some internal bleeding caused by her blood thinnners. If you could have her in your prayers i would apprciate it

Well the diag is not good. She has a tumer on her liver and something on her lungs. She has gotten jonedus and her eyes are yellow as they can be. I appreciate all those who have left messages. Her stomach is swollen like she is 8 months pregnat.

Sorry for spelling errors im not myself.

Her Father, my grandfather dies very similar from cancer in 83. I hope she can have a chance. If she needs part of my liver or anything i can give i will have them cut me open and take what she needs. Like i said i really appreciate the support. Funny thing its my fiancees birthday and i dont feel like doing [bleep] Hope everyones day is better than mine is turning out to be. Kevin
SHes 62 mike. She has had so many tests its silly. Nothing more since i last post. Like i said before i really appreciate the support. I will give yea an i dea of her health history. She has diabetees, lost an arm from it in 93. Had a heart attack in 95 with a quad by-pass. All the pills that have kept her alive we are thinking have turned on her. My dad is a mess, he thinks she is dying. Atleast i slept well last night Hes takin time off of work and i dont blame him and shes getting mad at him. Its a mess. Took Marie my soon to be bride to dinner for her birthday yesterday and i well im just not to lively. Im sorry for babbling i just need to vent a bit. Once again thanks for the support. I will keep this post updated when we know more. When i get then diagnossis i will start a new post so everyone that has been so nice to pray for her can know what is going on. They are talking blood tranfusion to get the toxins out of her blood. THat cumaden level is off the chart right now. I just wish she could eat and stuff and not be in pain.

Sorry to hear that GTP. There’s nothing worse than seeing a loved one in pain and being helpless to stop it.

keep hope man…my father in law was really jaundis 3 years ago. he got a liver transplant and the rest of the cancer just vanished. i hope your outcome goes as well. we will be thinking of you :!:

Good Luck, our Moms are tough…hell, they raised roofers !!! whats harder than that?

We’re all rooting for her, Kevin. Be strong.

I will say a prayer for you Mom as well. keep your chin up and be there for her, there is nothing more important than family.


Ill say a prayer for your mother.

Thank you all that have responded. I appreciate it.

Kevin - I’ll say a prayer for her… I hope everything works out.

relax buddy,i know where your head is at :frowning: ,its not gonna help her that way,calm yourself and stay upbeat for her sake,with this stuff,like it is w/roofing,attitude is everything,so be in good spirit,and let her feed off that,she is in the lords hands,and only he knows what`s best-be at peace and know that we will do all the praying for her+you as well that you both come out of this well

Here is an update on my mom. Her kidneys have failed and the tomur on her liver is unknown. They can not operate or do a byopsy due to the cumiden levels in her blood they will kill here doing so. Asdide from that they are making her as comfortable as they can and that is really all they can do. it does not look good. Thanks for reading. Kevin

Thanks for the update, Kevin.

Just remember…take it one day at a time.

Things will be as they should be. Never give up, but we are powerless in these things. If she goes. it may be the best thing for her.

Call me if you want to talk…you have the cell number.

You and your family are in our prayers from Lapeer County. Stay strong.

I got you on my prayers kev .

You and yer family are in my prayers.I wish you all peace.