Offering financing for customers?

Hello guys. hope all your businesses are doing well.

I’ve been thinking about offering financing to my customers. a lot of company’s in my area offer financing through the bank.

Not sure how this works. I have a appointment next week with bank. Not sure how it’s gonna go but it will be goo info

Do any of you guys offer financing for your customers?

If so how does this work?

My credit is pretty good and I’ve been in business three years and things are ok. Could be better I guess but at least I have work.

Just wondering if financing is worth it or is it some type of money pit?

The majority of the people that would need the financing don’t qualify for it. So in their case you would do all the estimating, explaining, paperwork, etc. just for them to get denied. Of the ones that do qualify for it, 90 plus % could get a much better loan on their own.

My financing goes like this: I make an appointment with the client to be present while I do the work or at least to be there near the time I expect the work to be completed. When the work is completed, they pay me the full amount. :wink:

Makes sense above. Maybe it’s not worth it.

Check these guys out. I used them in the past and it doubled my sales. Type in EGIA Contractors Home improvement financing. It is the association of gas companies across America offering qualified individuals and contractors

They still might have roof financing if it has to do with energy saving.

I’ve been using finance my project. They have a contractor program thats free. My customers can fill out the form and have a response in a few seconds. It also doesn’t affect their credit unless they actually get the loan. I figure if its free and they need financing, its worth a shot to run them through. Try em out…