Oil canning on metal roof

These are pictures from a metal roof were doing we’re doing it the right way anyway to stop this oil canning? Thank you in Advanced

Steel or aluminum? What gague?

Steel 24 gauge and it’s happening on the entire new construction house

Also not overdriving screws and every clip is straight we are taking our time like we Always do. I read on the nrca that this is normal and I know it is im just worried about the builder and homeowner

Also looks different times of days then other parts it looks fine the color is black

Oil canning is going to happen. There is no way around it other than masking it with striated panels. There is not a metal roofing manufacturer in the world that will warranty against oil canning.

The laws of physics apply to everyone on this earth.

I’ve done metal roofs before this one seems to be giving me more of oil canning then any other time

If the carpenters did a crappy job and the roofs a little wave, it really exaggerates it.

The panels being black dosen’t help.

We had to ice and water the entire roof because that’s code here and I don’t think they did the best honestly the building was 11/2 out of wack I’m just nervous they won’t understand the oil canning part… it’s werid some parts of the day you can’t see it others it’s awful. The metal company said over a few months it will look a lot better but not total gone

Do you have a slip sheet bewtween the shield and the metal?

No I was told I would not need it because the ice and water is high temp

I see now it turned up the wall that it’s film faced so slip not necessary. All we ever use is 24 gague, but do mainly historic work so With bowed old rafters some oil canning is expected. I would put my bet on the framing.

If it has slight kinks in the ice will it do that too? I’m just wondering we had the ice and water exposed for a week or two and some areas bumbled but right back down or we cut it out and put new ice in

I have put 24 gague on 16’ runs with 2" dip in the center where we had to stand on the panel to get the clips on. Really don’t think ripples in shield would effect it.

Since oil canning is natural occurance that can happen to a metal roof. You should have had a disclaimer.
All of our metal roof contracts have a oil canning explanation and disclaimer in red at the bottom. It is the only way to do a metal roof project. If it ever came down to court,
out of you the contractor and the owner you would be considered the expert in metal roofing. So YOU were supposed to call attention to the possability of oil canning and allow the contractor and the owner to decide if they wanted to install flat pans that can oil can or pans with reinforcing ribs that will not oil can. After they decide it is on them.

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Pretty Normal with this panel machine.
No way around it.
This is the way it looks.

So when i install standing seam
I only install with the machine that puts striations
in the panel.
The oil canning is much less.
But doesnt totally remove them.

The only way to minimize oil canning is to put a length of backer rod under the center of the panel from the ridge to the facia.