Oil Prices and Shingles

Is there any reasonable expectation that with oil prices falling by about one half that shingle prices may come down in the near future?

Maybe slightly. Asphalt comes from the sludge left over at the bottom of the barrel of crude oil, the stuff refiners can’t use for fuels,Gasoline, Kerosene, Heating Oil, Etc., high profit stuff. Within the last few years, because of raising profits and because of EPA regulations that have recently come to term, the refiners have installed new equipment to refine the oil down further. For example, if historically there was 20% of the barrel left for asphalt, now there is only 2%. Which means to produce the asphalt, refiners must use their “cleaned up” oil to produce low profit asphalt. Which means they will either charge more, or not produce it. Either way the price will go up. You may see it go down in the winter because of supply and demand, but don’t be surprised if in the end of 1st qtr or 2nd to see prices raising again.

With the greed of the manufactures, and not caring about the roofer…you are paying it now…so why drop the prices. They have all told me to expect more increases.

dont think ive ever seen shingles prices come down.


The grocery store has not dropped prices why would the shingle companies. Now is the time they can make more money because we will pay for it no matter what the price… Greed runs these compaies not common sense.

Its not all because oil mostly its because GAF bought elk and pays I think somewhere around 9 million a month in royalties to elk so GAF could become the largest and I swear this to be true and I have no benefit of telling you this but they drove the price up and everyone else jumped on the bandwagon I heard this twice from ppl way up the ladder I know it sounds crazy