Ok ive changed my mind, how bout this lol

ok so if i just want to canvass for a roofing company, and wanted to knock doors could i sell the leads to multiple companys wanting them? and if so what would be a going rate for a self genereated, door knocking lead worth ? 30$ ?

Its a good idea, but that is a lot of work for $30, $40, or $50 bucks…

I would buy a lead from you if it was pre-qualified to a set of standards I had set forth…

your gonna piss of people selling them to multiple companies. 25 bucks is the going rate for a qualifed lead.

wow 25$ thats pretty low, i would be workin ass off i guess a day lol… i mean they would be qualified for sure… im in the canvassing busines with a comapany now, so they get good appointments but they pay me by the hr and i think i could make alot more jsut doing it on my own.

Not only will you piss off the multiple contractors for which you sold too, but the HO’s might not be happy about 2,3,4, or 5 different contractors approaching them.

You’d be better off working as a Independent contractor/salesman for a specific (1) roofing co.

BTW, most contractors are going to want a exclusive rights for each lead they purchase from you… via contract.


How long have you been doing this job?

if been doing canvassing for many years, right now i canvass for a window company and they pay me by the hr, i just think i could make more working for a company and selling them the leads i think

if been doing canvassing for many years, right now i canvass for a window company and they pay me by the hr, i just think i could make more working for a company and selling them the leads i think

Be cautious,

Is the company you are actually employed by, follow up, sell and install the windows?

Because $10/hr, 3 people, that $1,200 a week, do you really believe these guys can bring you in at least double that, in a week?

Most likely the reason they can afford to pay you $10/hr is because they have some much markup in their windows and installation they include their salesman as overhead…

yes they manufacture the windows themself, like i said last month was 1.7 million in sales with the average deal being 4k per house… almost 90% of that money was sold from door to door canvassing, just settin appoinments for the sales people

oo and we only get 37 hrs a week, they never give us overtime :frowning:

also what do u guys think bout this… company has 5 guys spread out across the state selling… what if i gave exclusive rights to the leads with a 1% kickback off the sales coming back to me? with 50$ per lead… then i would build a team of bout 4-6 canvassers bringing in roughly 50 leads per week… the owner should come out wayyy ahead on that deal imo… suggestions a be great… and btw i would be paying my guys not the owner except might have him cover some hotel cost…

Please tell us what you know
or what experience you have in
roofing other than there’s money
to be made.
Not trying to be the a hole, just

Its easier said than done…

Also, IDK about other contractors but we only service a radius of 60 Miles out… Now of course, for enough money I’ll go anywhere…but

4-6 Statewide canvassers isn’t going to cut it, not only that but I would never give any percentage of sale to my lead supplier plus pay them a fee for the lead to begin with.

Nor do I think any other contractor would.

I think you need to do alot more research on this and present it to your area contractors and see if they are interested before you just up and quit your day job… If they are in fact interested have them bid against each other for the Lead… just be honest with it

well i respect that, the owner of the company that i was speaking to bout all this, was paying in ATL a girl knocking doors 700$ week base plus 1% off sales… she was of course getting 3-6 leads per day for him… and she was workin 4-8 6 nights a week… 1 sale im sure cover her cost more then enough, let alone getting that many leads per week… with who i work for now if say i set 40 leads a month, national average those leads are going to do 25k in business per month… year in and year out proven for yrs… well they only paying me after taxes 1300 a month… my first 5 weeks in my leads generated them 22k in business so there not doing to shabby off me lol

Maybe so, but thats windows not roofs…

Most people do not ever change their windows unless they are completely renovating…

On the other hand, where I am located on average we have a hail storm every 3 years that totals everything. They have no choice, not to mention, people that have old windows that are not very energy effiencent consider replacing them before someone with a 2 year old roof thinks of replacing for energy reasons.

Its just a completely different market and approach…

Although I do believe there is money to be made…

Also if this girl is getting 3-6 leads in 4 hours a day, with a 100% closing ratio, I need her number… Everyone here needs advice from her…

leeds are just leeds, and she wasnt the salesperson just the canvassing person… but i dont know what the closing ratio is in the roofing industry, but with windows its 1-3 demos buy roughly… so if she getting say 4 leads a day everage that 20 a week… take of 25% of that for cancellation etc… so 15 leads a week now… 5 of those lets say not qualifyed for whatever reason…now were at 10 if the salesperson closed 3 of those… then yea company is doing great for only paying her that much imo

knocking on doors will get you arrested in alot of states. infact yesterdays newspaper had a dozen people in it that got arrested trying to do door to door sales. all from phili.,all without a peddlers lic., some had active warrants.

lol thats funnny, ive been knocking doors for 13 plus years, delt with more cops then u could ever imagin… never once been cited nor been to court… must been some shady stuff idk… but yea not selling anything this time just free estimates, but when i did sell stuff and cops wanted to talk, permit or not never was much of a issue, thanks for posting though puts a smile on my face :slight_smile:

Well you have answered all my questions.
You’re clearly about the money.