Ok, so im watching TV today

A&E channel.

flip this house or something. There is a guy putting on about a 15sq roof… in the rain… hand nailing everything… looks to be about 2 nails per shingle, and its taking him like 7 days to do it.

pretty much about like the worst roof install ive ever seen! he had a layer of felt overlapping the felt on top of it with a huge gap, 3 tabs not lined up right, no ridge caps, exposed nails everywhere, omg… looks like someone who has never put a roof on before, and cant even read instructions on the package. everything is backwards! hahahahaha

LMFAO. i cant believe this guy is on TV putting on a roof. its hilarious! I was yelling at the TV set the whole time.

hahahah I was watching the same thing thinking to myself that I should tape it and show people thats what you get with most contractors. I was laughing but I was mad at the same time because people see that and don’t even know its wrong.

Hell i complain about every home improvment show and those home sales shows all the time about the roof. I know what your talking about.

i cant believe they put me on TV :roll: