alright it off

You posted this on the ‘Roofing Business’ forum where it belongs. Posting it here, in caps, where it doesn’t belong is only going to get you flamed. So I’ll start it off…

If your sorry ass is begging for work on an internet forum you need to hang it up. Seriously. Take your one tooth, tar slinging, two nailing, Spam frying self and your crack smoking nightmare of a crew and crawl back under that rock you came from. This isn’t a place to solicit work. Skilled tradesman (not you) come here to actually try and help people gasp for free!

tar got out of the wrong side of bed i think lol

Well i will say this, if you can not find work in an area that has had that much damage, maybe you might want to find another line of work. Thats just IMO.

Well the point is, if you want to stay busy at home, improve your skills, your business and your reputation.
Although the point was made rather harshly,… I agree :smiley:


Some people do not know how or want to sell and deal with the customer.

So they just sub. Their is absolutly nothing wrong with that.

I use the internet to find work. So does Dell, IBM,…

But he is a scum bag for looking for work on the internet???

Martin go for it. Good luck!

“But he is a scum bag for looking for work on the internet???”

I have no problem with people using the internet to make money, if you want to set up a pay-per-view cam and start masturbating go for it. I have a problem with people coming in and immediately spamming forums with solicitation. He had already posted on the ‘Roofing Business’ board but since he got no replys (maybe because 90% of the people here are roofers, lol.) he decides to post on the ‘Construction and Technique’ board. Now, while there is a possibility that his solicitations may have been welcome on the first board he posted to, you don’t have to be college educated to figure out it doesn’t belong on the construction and technique board. He’s just spamming with no regard for anyone else here and he’s now doing it in all caps which is the internet equivalent of yelling. It’s rude, I returned the favor, nothing more.

Gracias hermano.

Tar Monkey, if you weren’t a ‘Damn Yankee’, I’d wonder if we weren’t cut from the same cloth.


Well I was born in Charelston, SC (navy brat) and I also lived in Covington, LA for almost 9yrs. I lost most of my drawl but I will still jump out of my truck at the red light if you are stupid enough to flip me off, lol. Old habits die hard I guess.